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We need a Notification that a Chat with ChatBot has been Initiated

We have this situation where I think there should be an option to be notified when a bot chat starts – this is for 2 reasons that I can think of so far:

  1. When in a testing phase. While a bot can automate most of the process it would be great to be able to monitor it and step in when there are issues or somebody is getting upset? If you try getting your Bot to ask for a phone number and email there is often issues when the visitor doesn't want to put this in which makes the Bot go back with an error message. If we had a notification that a Chat with the bot has been initiated we can step in as soon as there is an issue to save an upset visitor! At the moment we miss so many of these mishaps... not good. 
  2. We want to use the chat and bot in a hybrid format in which case we need notifications as soon as either of them is initiated. This is because we have a virtual assistant that we want to manage our chat/bot and we see it useful for it to be automated with the multiple choice questions as these virtual assistants don’t have sufficient product knowledge. As far as I know if we only use live chat and not the Bot we can’t have pre-set questions with multiple choice answers. The ideal situation is that when the ChatBot is initiated our virtual assistant gets a notification and can keep an eye on the conversation from the start and step in if anything goes wrong.
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Same case here. Let's fix this!

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This would be really useful

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Definitely a must-have feature. Getting a notification only after bot routine is run through is almost useless, since most bot conversations never reach completion

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Not sure if this actually solves the problem, but I actually have a workflow that texts me if "conversation by bot = true" - it works even if the bot routine isn't completed, but it doesn't fire as soon as the convo starts either. But I definitely needed to make it because otherwise most bot conversations that don't go well would never get caught until hours later

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Thanks, I was using a Zapier integration to send a slack notification. This will hopefully be a little quicker.