Warnings before causing orphan records, as well as cascading deletes.

When a company is deleted in HubSpot, the contact records that are associated with it are not deleted. Only their association to the company is removed. If sales are made on a company level, having orphaned contacts who are not related to any company has little value for us. There is no warning given (as a user deletes a company) that the company is associated to contact or deal records, and that by deleting the company, the user is creating orphan, non-associated contacts and/or deals.

It would be very helpful if you could have a checkbox or something which would allow a person to choose to be warned (when they want to be) as to whether their deleting a record affects other associated records.

Also, after receiving a warning, being given the option to perform a cascading delete would also be very helpful, so that related (and unnecessary) contacts and deals could be deleted at the same time.

The same applies if a deal is related to a certain contact, and then that contact is deleted etc.