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Warn if words used in email Subject are likely to trigger spam blockage.

After reading this Hubspot blog article it seems like it would be really handy if Hubspot could warn you if you're using a word in your email Subject that is likely to trigger the spam filters to block your email.

Who needs this? Anyone creating an email to send from Hubspot.

The goal? Preventing emails from being caught in spam filters just because a word or phrase you'd like to use is something spammers also typically use.

The value of this would be 1) save time searching the list in the above article when writing the Subject line, 2) increased deliverability and all the goodness that brings.

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Not only the subject, but the content of the email.  I have seen competing SALES products that are otherwise defeatured that include this.


How is this not a built in feature. We accidentally used "you have been selected" in terms and conditions on an email and Microsoft marked us as a spam confidence level 5. It killed us for 4 weeks while I fought with Microsoft support to update us. Note, you should be SCL = -1, 0, or 1. Anything above that is going to the other tab, and 5 or above is going to junk.

HubSpot writes a blog The Ultimate List of 394 Email Spam Trigger Words to Avoid in 2021 and they can't build this into the product before you publish an email?


Come on, how does this not have 500 upvotes!?