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Want to see page view path prior to form submissions

We want to look at all the contacts who filled out a certain form, and see what pages were visited prior to the form submission (going back multiple pages, if possible, not just the previous page)


I know you can look in an individual contact record, and see the pages viewed prior to a form submission.  However, we'd like to look at this for all contacts who filled out a form, not look at them one by one.


Is there any way we can do this with Analytics?

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YES! Would be great to see the common pages people viewed prior to completing a form - as part of attribution reporting for a form

This is much needed. Rather than having to create a separate unique landing page, it would be very helpful if you could use the same landing page on multiple website pages and be able to see what pages brought them to that landing page. This would save a LOT of work.

Yes this is a feature we all are looking forward to. It helps us decide which page made the user to fill in the form.


Also here to request this. Seems crazy Hubspot (marketing CRM) doesn't give you big data on which pages are leading to form submissions! Unpicking individual contacts and goin through each history to then manually note the pages they visited seems crazy...


Please get this done - it would really help. Else we might have to move to another platform that does that. 


Yes please this report would be very helpful.


we are desperate for this information to ultimately support MROI and improve our customer journeys etc. 


When will this basic feature be available? if Google Analytics can track previous page information, surely the amazing HubSpot team can do it effortlessly. 


2022 could be your year HubSpot to really provide insights from website to form! 


This would be a HUGE benefit for all users. Yes, we can see the page views in the individual contact view or in reports/lists. However, having the ability to see that in a hidden field in the form would immensly help where exactly these submissions came from, improving follow ups and customer journeys/personas. This will also eliminate the amount of forms needed.


Please upvote this or bring this to the technical team. The code is there for the hs_analytics, just need to be able to add this as a form field.

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This guide might help others get this data using GA4.


Frustrating that we cant see this