Visual customization options for popup forms and popup images to increase conversions

It would be great if we can upgrade the popup forms with more visual customization options and also have the option to use popup images (image-only popups).


I know these are two different things but with more customization options e.g. styling, images, colors, and background we could really improve our lead generation and increase our conversion rate.


There are many great examples that also HubSpot's website currently uses which would also be great for us users. I often see popups appearing for ebooks where large images are being used. 


Here is also a HubSpot article on the importance of visual content to increase the conversion rate:


Here are some examples that you can find just by looking on google images for popup ideas: 

google images ideasgoogle images ideas

Also dickonstone had a great idea which is related to this one:


And Scout and drewspi had great questions regarding this topic:

Anyone else, please feel free to add more creative examples. Smiley Very Happy the more the merrier!

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Absolutely agree! The Pop-Up forms really look a bit 90ies at the moment but they could be awesome as shown in this idea!