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Visual Planner for Curated Social Posts

As a content strategist and creator in charge of social media, not having access to a visual planner, specifically for Instagram, is difficult.


A large part of a successful account is visual appeal while targeting the right audiences. Without the ability to easily see my posts within a grid (like a 9 square grid), it's hard to plan for well curated, strategic content.


I can go to each instagram account (my company has 6, so it gets cumbersome) and try and imagine what everything upcoming may look like together, but it isn't easy.


I have used programs before that allowed me to visually plan my upcoming posts. Can this be addressed? The technology exists for a simple drag and drop visual editor, and can't be that difficult - I was using a platform to do this 6 years ago.

As a side note, if there could be some sort of hashtag library with a trending hashtag suggestor, that would be great. 

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Agreed - was just thinking I need something like this.