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Visual Instagram Post Planner

Much like any other Instagram scheduling tool, we need a way to visually plan the grid.


Instagram is a very visual platform and each post is perfectly planned to create a curated feed that looks 'good on the grid'.


Currently you can only schedule posts and there is no way to view a preview of what the grid will look like based on what is scheduled so far.

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I have suggested this as well!!!  I can't switch over from a different third party software that I use for Instagram because this feature is not part of Hubspot!!!!


3.5 years later and this is still not something available. As a content creator who cares deeply about the overall aesthetic of instgram and the ability to curate a group of posts visually, not having this feature is annoying and difficult. I have used programs before that allowed me to visually plan my upcoming posts. Can this be addressed? The technology exists and can't be difficult - I was using a platform to do this 6 years ago.