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Virtual Sales Rooms needed for each deal

As our organization looks at how the sales world and process are changing, I'd like to suggest that HubSpot create a tool for us to have unique virtual rooms for sharing collateral, videos, meeting notes, or other info with customers involved in a Deal. Think of this almost like a microsite for a specific customer that has our (and possibly their) logo and is a special secure area just for them and us to share information about an opportrunity we're working on. It could have folders for different content types or different meetings. Customers participating in the Deal could also provide info if desired. Perhaps it could also have chat integration for messaging or a feature to ask qusetions about a piece of content?


Sales teams could pre-populate information in this room before a meeting for attendees to review. They could also send a unique link to meeting attendees before or after a meeting, inviting them to engage.


This of this like a customized engagement portal for us to connect with our customers, get, and share info.

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Hello @Michael-Young,

The client portal will be suitable for your purposes. But unfortunately it isn't available in the HS yet.
You can try CliPlace self-service portal for customers. Ticket functions are now available (create, view, comment, upload files).
In the future, we will develop agreements, quotes. Maybe other useful features, as you mentioned.
More about the solution here



Thanks for your note, "CliPlace," but a customer service ticket portal isn't what I had in mind. I'm sorry if I was unclear in my prior description.


I'd encourage you to think of this like a semi-permanent chat room (or Slack channel or Teams channel) for a specific deal. Yes, there would be places for conversation (like a service ticket) but much, much more. It's almost like a microsite or SharePoint site. The space would have the abilty to upload documents, videos, quotes, etc. only for the specific people allowed in the channel. When the deal is concluded, the space would be closed or archived.



I hope this helps.




Wow, that's a very good idea. Yes, something is different from what we create.
But I will keep your ideas in mind, because it is really valuable.


Thanks CliPlace. If you like my idea, I'd appreciate an upvote from you and your friends!


+1 on this. A Digital Sales Room similar to Dock, Aligned, GetAccept, etc., would be super helpful in HubSpot. I'm currently considering purchasing one of these options to share resources with new leads and existing customers, but having to use yet another platform when almost all other sales functions are managed through HubSpot is a pain.  I'm shocked that something like this isn't available yet.


This is a fantastic idea! I have seen so much more information on Virtual Sales Rooms (VSRs) lately and I immediately thought that this should be part of our Deals in Sales Hub in HubSpot.

For ideas and development purposes, here are some examples of companies that offer VSR platforms:

  • JourneySales is one of the oldest digital sales rooms platforms in existence, according to Nancy. They describe their “Smart Rooms” as “private digital collaboration spaces where a sales team and a customer team can work together, engage with relevant content and key decision-makers, invite colleagues, quickly reach consensus and get deals done faster.” Their platform is built in the Salesforce Community Cloud, so if you use a different CRM, you may want to investigate other options. 
  • BuyerDeck has, according to their website, been replaced by ShoDeck. That said, both websites are a little thin, but you can sign up for a free trial to test out their functionality.
  • DealHub’s DealRoom offers sales proposal software technology that offers to compile and generate customized proposals in a digital room. The DealRoom is the proposal, so it doesn’t look like they offer a space in which to host additional, trackable content, assets, or videos.
  • Moxtra brands themselves as a customer collaboration platform, but they have won awards for “the best digital banking solution provider” and their platform seems to have a strong emphasis on financial institution services. They emphasize compliance, security, and auditability.
  • Folloze puts a strong emphasis on both ABM and ABX, and their marketing platform emphasizes tailored experiences, micro-targeted campaigns, and personalized buying experiences. They offer integrations to a decently sized list of CRMs, such as Salesforce and SalesLoft. 
  • We tried to investigate a company literally called Digital Sales Room, but as of this writing, their website seems to be unresponsive. According to G2, they are “a tool to help you achieve more wins from your sales proposals” by creating a space to share with prospects.
  • ClientPoint calls their platform a “a private relationship portal” that starts working from the moment of first contact with a prospect. Like DealHub, there is an apparent emphasis on proposals, but it appears they can also host other marketing content as well. 
  •’s Tact Portal is a customer-facing, branded workspace that offers messaging, file collaboration, live meeting, e-signature, and approvals. It works on desktop, mobile (such as Android), or tablet and can be used standalone or embedded in a website or mobile app. 
  • PaperFlite is branded as remote content collaboration software. Content is shared with prospects via microsites with multi-recipient tracking technology.