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Views: 'OR' Filter Condition

At the moment, in a contact view, we can add a filter condition and use an 'AND' to add another condition. Is it possible to add an 'OR' condition?


If the filter conditions we want to make are based on a contacts property, using 'AND' means they both HAVE to be true. I would like the view to show people that have EITHER property to be true.


Unless this is a money grabbing way to get people to upgrade to have to use lists? But this would be simple and really needed for people like us who have upgraded and want this feature in the Views

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I'm in total agreement.  This would help us ensure our views and lists match.  We like to use views to monitor incomign leads.  OR would allow us to view anyone coming in through a form submission or event list upload for the same content topic.



Me too! This is really very basic option. It should already be there! It's like we're building HubSpot ourselves! 


I honestly am so frustrated and aghast that this isn't an option. I was just trying to wrap my brain around the fact that they can't filter company fields in the contact section.  An OR function seems to be the CORE of how filtering works...and is clearly in most other systems.  How is it possible that this doesn't exist and that there are only 9 upvotes.  Please please fix this Hubspot. 


This is ridiculous!! Of course we need "OR" functionality.

Sales guy going on a road trip, wants to see all customers in X, Y or Z state.

Admin wants to follow up on data integrity. Customers that have mobile, phone or fax number missing.


Always hold a little back. Keep them asking for more. .... No HubSpot! Not for the simple things!!


Sorely needed. 


Let's get "OR" as a filter for creating views, @hubspot! This would make monitoring activity amongst leads much easier. 


I was in shock when I went to create a view for a sales team member that was based on the client either being already assigned to their territory or in specific cities.  This was an easy to do in Salesforce so hoping this gets added in Hubspot so views can be more usable for us. 


It is crazy that "OR" logic exists in reporting, lists, workflows, pretty much everywhere in HubSpot except the object list/pipeline view stages, i.e. where most of our working-level associates spend the majority of their time. PLEASE make this a priority!