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Viewing history of test emails sent from the marketing email tool

(Creating this feature request on behalf of a customer) 

It would be useful to have a location or screen in-app where users can view the history of test emails sent to users via the "test email" feature in the marketing email editor.


Use cases:

  1. Being able to keep track of test emails sent to other users, particularly if the team is working on multiple drafts simultaneously or returning to a previously saved draft.
  2. Sometimes users can send a test email but get distracted. Besides waiting to see if anything comes through or sending it again and possibly getting it twice, there's no way to confirm that they had indeed hit "test email"
  3. Certain customers might have email security/spam filters that intercept the test emails sent from Having the send history in-app can give the IT team more details to find these queued/filtered test emails rather than the user saying "I'm sending it now" and having the IT team wait around

How it can be surfaced in-app: a panel similar to the email revision history where users can view the test email versions and timestamps at which they were sent


Curious to hear if there are any other use cases for being able to view the history of test emails that were sent!

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I also would like this feature, for most of those reasons. I really can't remember if I hit send or not and there's no way to check. I'd also like to be able to check if test emails were sent by someone else, so that I don't duplicate work.


Would love to see this feature.