View wait time for each contact in workflow delay


Add a feature to workflow delays that shows exactly how long a contact has been in the delay and/or how much longer they will remain in the delay until next action is executed.


Idealy, this would might look like a small button in the corner of the delay box that a user can click which pulls up another box (while remainig in main view of workflow) that users can scroll through and see contact names on the left side of box and "time remaining in workflow" on the right side of the box.



Everyone, but especially those with complex workflows with multiple branches and delays. 



Cut down the time it would take to view each individual's workflow history, calculating when they entered the workflow and when the next action is scheduled. Would also give better visibility to how much longer a HubSpot user has to build out the resto of the workflow before a user moves out of the delay. 


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It's great to see how many contacts are in a particular action or delay in a workflow, but it would be even better to see WHICH contacts are here. If you could click that section and see a list of users who run a report, that would be super helpful.