View contacts who met goal criteria right within a workflow


It would be nice if we could see a list/round-up of contacts who met a workflow goal and are included in the "GOAL CONVERSION RATE" in the workflow performance tab.


You can view/edit the goal right from there, but it would be really nice to be able to click the # of contacts and have a list of them appear for analysis purposes.

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Status updated to: In Planning
May 18, 2020

Hi Everyone,


I'm Jesse Tremblay, Product Manager of our Automation products here at HubSpot. We are currently looking at better ways to provide the right performance data & insights to workflows.


We would love to know how you would use this data and this list of contacts. So, any details on specific use-cases you all have would be really helpful here!




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Hey there, I'm happy to see this has been changed to "in planning" 

Mostly, I'd love to be able to see WHO completed a workflow and WHICH ACTION they took to complete that workflow. It seems like a completely missing link that we can't track that currently.


Further, it'd be awesome to be able to see "almost converts" or people who came close to completing an action (e.g. clicked the link, but didn't follow all the way through) so we could really quickly retarget them with something that might get them over the finish line 



Crazy that this is not yet a feature indeed!


Looks like you can create a list of people who met a workflow goal. However, there isn't an easy way to do it from the workflow performance screen. I think the purpose is just ease of use.



Agree! I know you can filter by what the goal is, but if you have similar goals (such as reaches a HubSpot score of X) then other contacts can meet the same 'goal' from other campaigns or workflows. You completely lose the ability to track if a specific wf is nurturing and bringing contacts along or if something else is.