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View contacts who met goal criteria right within a workflow

It would be nice if we could see a list/round-up of contacts who met a workflow goal and are included in the "GOAL CONVERSION RATE" in the workflow performance tab.


You can view/edit the goal right from there, but it would be really nice to be able to click the # of contacts and have a list of them appear for analysis purposes.

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In Planning
May 18, 2020 12:49 PM

Hi Everyone,


I'm Jesse Tremblay, Product Manager of our Automation products here at HubSpot. We are currently looking at better ways to provide the right performance data & insights to workflows.


We would love to know how you would use this data and this list of contacts. So, any details on specific use-cases you all have would be really helpful here!




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Hey there, I'm happy to see this has been changed to "in planning" 

Mostly, I'd love to be able to see WHO completed a workflow and WHICH ACTION they took to complete that workflow. It seems like a completely missing link that we can't track that currently.


Further, it'd be awesome to be able to see "almost converts" or people who came close to completing an action (e.g. clicked the link, but didn't follow all the way through) so we could really quickly retarget them with something that might get them over the finish line 



Crazy that this is not yet a feature indeed!


Looks like you can create a list of people who met a workflow goal. However, there isn't an easy way to do it from the workflow performance screen. I think the purpose is just ease of use.



Agree! I know you can filter by what the goal is, but if you have similar goals (such as reaches a HubSpot score of X) then other contacts can meet the same 'goal' from other campaigns or workflows. You completely lose the ability to track if a specific wf is nurturing and bringing contacts along or if something else is. 




SERIOUSLY?! IS THIS NOT POSSIBLE..... STILL??? I don't understand. Can anybody provided insight into this before I communicate this lack of reporting to my leadership team and have them grill me after spending thousands on HS? Help!

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Hey team! 

Raising this for a customer here.

Right now, when we look at the actions in a workflow, it would show us that xxxx contacts fulfiled the goal but not giving us the ability to check which contacts are that.

This results in customers having to built a long workaround of setting filters in contact list.

Would love to hear an update, thanks!


Hello everyone,


I agree 100%, this should be added to Hubspot by default.


In the meatime, you can always use a list to see those contacts:

  1. Create a dynamic list
  2. Add a filter
  3. Select Workflow Enrollment
  4. Pick your workflow
  5. Select Contact has met goal

Lists (1).png


This will allow you to create a list of all contacts who have met the goal of your workflow.


Hope this helps!


Goals section is the crucial part of the automation. We can see enrollment history but sometimes as a marketer, we need to deep dive into the leads that successfully complete the flow before expected. I love HubSpot lists, so we need a shortcut for the adding these leads into the list and also see the reason of why they accomplish the goal according to the goal criteria (form submission, lifecycle stage change)


I use several workflows for lead gen. I can see the number of contacts that hit goals, but I can't do any analysis on them, e.g. 40 contacts hit goal in July, 30 were SME, 10 were Enterprise.


You can't create lists to do this because there are no date refinements available on workflow properties, even though the data exists because a statistics is provided in the workflow goals page.


4 years and this hasn't been implemented?!


I can't believe this isn't already a feature! I know there is a workaround to create a list based on "Goal Met", but you can literally view all other contacts in the Workflow, and it tells you how many met the goal, but not having the ability to just quickly drill down see who those "Goal Met Contacts" is wild!


A use case for you: Contacts who completed a goal on my workflows are counted in my company as an SQL so every month I have to produce a report that tells me how many contacts completed a goal, who they are and which workflow they've completed. I currently have to complete 10-12 steps to have this report and complete with manual copy pasting. It would be great if we could have those fields right from lists, from a report or as people are asking here, if we could at least access this from the workflow itself. It makes no sense at all not to have this in there


Agree 100%.
Realize we can use lists to see which contacts have met a workflow goal criteria, but we don't know which criteria they met. 

We want to drill down and see the contacts that reached goal and which criteria that was based on.


It's been over 3 years since this went into the status "In Planning." Is there a timeline for competion of this request? Seems like this is not being prioritized


Also coming here to see if there are any updates on when this will be available, particularly seeing a breakdown of which goal contacts meet.


To add context for the HubSpot team of why this is incredibly valuable: I created a workflow to encourage our magazine subscribers to take our annual survey. The workflow goals are that they either took the survey, or they clicked a button in our email to opt out of receiving reminders to take the survey right now. In one case, they did what I wanted them to do. In the other... they didn't. But for the purposes of removing them from the workflow to not receive reminder emails, I set that as a goal. So being able to see the breakdown would be very, very helpful.