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View all forms each user is set to receive notifications for

Currently, the only way to see which form a user is set to receive notifications for is to manually check in every individual form's settings. It would be great if user's could quickly access a list of all form's that they're set to receive notifications for.

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This is especially needed because workflow notifications to users that have that notification turn off in their preferences put the workflows into At-risk state, and without an automated way to view their preferences, no if statements can be applied to send or not send the notification.


I'll agree but for a different reason. As we remove or dactivate users, we need a way to see what forms they received notifications for so we can reassign those. Even better, would be a way to assign as we deactive (a pop up window that offers to assign all items to a new user). We have close to 400 forms and there's no way to check all of them individually to make those updates. This really needs a solution.


Hi agree with @Hkrewson , we're in the same situation here.


Mitwirkender/Mitwirkende | Partner

On a wider scale in general, especially when folks join or leave an organization, it would be really helpful to see everywhere that particular user is well, being used, much like you can with properties, in order to either bulk reassign all those things (from workflows to form submission notifications) or see the entire list and be able to manually change the necessary ones over. 


I think this is a great idea


Let´s say that if someone is new at a company and they need to know those details it will highly useful to have that option instead of checking one by one


I imagine this will be something similar to what we have at the lists (the details let you know where is this list being used)