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With the new eCommerce bridge, we can see the items purchased on a deal record, however, we can't from the contact record so therefore, in order to get the purchase history for a client, we have to click into every deal. I have a client who is a wholesaler and their customers order about 20 items per order and place orders on a weekly basis. So you can probably see how this soon becomes a lengthy task. Some of their customers will call the help centre and place orders over the phone as well as online, so it would be really useful for a sales rep to be able to see at a glance types of products the customer regularly purchases. So for example, the wholeseller is in the food industry - Their clients may buy Pizza Dough, Pasta, Cheese, Oil etc, if they phone and place an order, the rep would want to say, 'thanks for your Pizza dough order, you usually also order Cheese and Oil' and use this as an upsell opportunity without having to go into every deal. - So they'd want to see not every order, but the items purchased (No need for duplication)
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We are struggling with a similar challenge, although coming from a different place. We have lots of historical sales data for our B2B sales, but no quick summary on the company record stating total products owned.


We'd like for our support reps and sales reps to see at a glance what each customer owns and by extension what kind of support & services they're entitled to. The purchase might come from any contact in the company or even a brand new contact that was not involved in the sales cycle (e.g. a purchasing agent that only appears after the deal closes). So, for us it's important that all deals & products can roll up to a single overview on the company level.


Ideally this summary could be based on custom properties as well as deals/products (Products didn't exist a year ago so we have our sales info in custom properties. I think moving our historical sales into Deals and then Products would be a major headache, unless there's some fully-fleshed out import functionality for products.)

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Very similar to the comment above, I'd like to see the ability for PRODUCTS purchased to be quickly visible at the COMPANY level when another employee looks up the COMPANY. By having to go into one or multiple deals, we are making this more CLICK HEAVY then is needed. 


In summary, having the ability for a QUICK view of all products that a company has is a feature that would be very valuable.

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We are looking for the same thing, we offer software and services. It would be nice to see the products listed on the company page just like we see tickets listed. This way our account manager can easiy see both the outstanding tickets and software/services they have before checking in with them. If the products could transfer over to the company record when you close a deal that would be great, or have the ability to create a workflow that will transfer the product for you. The less manual entering the better!

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Yes!! We need this too.

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As @Stanczak  noted, it would be great for products to be visible on company records.

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It's a very needed feature. We had it in sfdb and miss it quite a bit. The current process is very cumbersome. 

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Not sure how under a company you are unable to see what products they signed up for! Insnaity and every other CRM (like Pipedrive) have this. It is siomple logic and a huge miss not displaying this!!

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This is such a great idea! We would love to see this, especially to see best selling items on the customer level.