View Hubspot score in popped out larger window


There was an update to the hubspot score view when it was added into Properties and now it is locked into a thin side view.

When I am building/checking compounding scores this view makes things very difficult. I am also unable (as far as i can find) to zoom out or pop the scores out into a bigger window.

Would really appreciate being able to see the bigger picture as I have complicated layers of scoring and some can get lost when I can only see two rows at a time.

I realize this is a little thing of user functionailty but it would save users a lot of rework/time/anxiety.

HubSpot updates
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Yes!! It never used to be like this in such a small side view and it's so time consuming to look through/update now. We have lots of different scores, and I need to do a review and add some others. I really need to open this out into a larger view, it's no good just being able to see a few things at a time and having to scroll up and down in a small view. Please make this update, HubSpot. 


I second this!