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View Deal and Contact Properties in One Report

We require the ability view/export one report or list that combines properties from both contacts and deals.  I'm confused as to how this basic functionality is not currently available.


Currently, we have to export our contacts and deals separately and then combine them in Excel.  However, there is no unique key to utilize when performing the join. The deal export only provides the "Associated With" field.  This is in a different format from the Contact properties (First Name, Last Name, Company).  Additionally, we have many contacts that have the same name (ie - John Smith), which is very problematic when using this work-around.  


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100% agree. The ability to add contact properties to deals would signficantly help ROI reporting.


Hubspot relies heavily on "sources" for ROI reporting, but for more complex business with multiple integrations, this is quite inaccurate (as most pop up in offline sources - eg: zapier, unbounce & other integrations).


If we were able to add "lead source" to deals - this would signficantly help the problem and provide clear articulation on which channels are working and which aren't.


Currently I'm considering:

1) Moving away from Hubspot CRM to SalesForce (which will only raise questions on using SF for marketing as well) - to be able to do this

2) Using Domo/DataHero or other tools to do this - which are quite complicated as well for the average marketer (I tried! And I need some consulting help for this avenue as well)


So yeah, if HS can fix this - it'd be of massive value



Agree. The contact/deal integration is a weak spot in Hubspot that crops up in many different ways.


I agree with this but there also should be data that is shared between deals and companies. Industry, for example, is a company property, so you can't see or report on your deals by industry.


Yes - this is an ongoing issue for us as well.   I'm sure a very common complaint.   I figure not an easy fix for hubspot, but the community really needs this. 





Agreed.  Need to be able to associate revenue with marketing activities to justify paying for Hubspot!


Upvote on this one for sure!

HubSpot Employee

At INBOUND 2018, we launched a new Report Builder that includes the ability to build a report across your 2 of your HubSpot datasets (otherwise known as "cross-object reporting"). This enables you to answer questions about your contact AND deal data, bringing you even more powerful insights about the data in your HubSpot CRM. 


For a quick walkthrough of the new report builder, please check out this article from our knowledge base.


This blog post outlines some of the most exciting reporting & analytics updates from INBOUND, as well a number of examples of cross-object reports you can create in HubSpot. 


Please do not hesitate to pass along any feedback you have on this new tool!