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View/Create Reports based on historical property values

We change Contact Owners as Contacts move through our Sales funnel. This means that at the point where the contact changes owner, there is no way for me to see reports based on how many of each owner's contacts are making this shift.

It would be great to be able to run a report based on what the property was when a particular event happened.

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This would be extremely helpful. 


The data is allready available in on the property (you can see it if you click details on the individual property) but it's not shown in reports. 

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Upvoting this on behalf of a customer! This would be very useful for customers looking to compare "before" and "after" values in a single property that could represent a customer score (e.g. feedback score for xx question over time).


This is central!


This would allow contacts to use Eventbrite to register for multiple events and Hubspot could maintain multiple lists for each event. Right now that functionality is fairly useless, as the property only updates to the LAST registered event.


Not sure how to work around this.


I would love to see this feature for lead status sooo much!


This is very much needed.  If a property was changed to "Yes" or whatever, you should be able to pull a report that says show me all the contacts that were changed to "value" this day, week, month, etc. 


I would also love to see this feature! We want to build a report based on when our property "last login date" changed, so that would allow us to report on all contact that logged into our system on a given day, without loosing that information once they sign in on a later date.


Yes to this!


I am upvoting as this would be very useful for multiple customer use cases, the time in deal stage report has some limitations. 


Yes please! While the "Historical Snapshots" report in Sales Analytics Tools allow you to see the Deal Stage and the Amount at a specific point in time, it is also necessary to report on other properties such as Owner, when trying to analyze changes in your Pipeline, for example. 


We need to track when the deal owner was changed for our sales and commissions processing. This would also help when analyzing the sales funnel 


Completely agree! This would be a very useful feature addition.

Something like this would be extremely beneficial to our team too. Our account managers are using HubSpot to keep track of initiatives and lead goals. We would love to be able to create reports based on a "Lead Goal" and "Initiatives" property that I've already added to the left sidebar. It would be great if we could create a report on a property's current value as well as its historical property values, so we could track all past goals & initiatives. I know that we can access the history of a property by looking at its details, but I'm not sure if the history can be pulled into reports. 

Yes to this!


Being able to drill down the history of a property (whatever the property, but "Status" or "Source" could be a good start) would be an amazing value-upgrade for our marketing team ! 


Agreed! I would like to see previous values for a date property, in order for us to see if our deals' close dates are frequently delayed


This would help us to be able to run reports based on property values at a point in time. I currently use an API to Hubspot to create custom billing reports, app activity reports and more. If I could have a report that was based on property value on a certain date that would be amazing!