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View Contacts or Deals in WaitSteps

When I used Eloqua in previous jobs, we were able to easily view the contacts sitting in each workflow/campaign wait step. In HubSpot, it is nearly impossible to review where the contacts sit. Sometimes my contacts go through 5-10 workflow steps before sitting in a wait step. Then if I want to know where they are and if they are in the right spot you have to look at the history and not the actual workflow. This process is time consuming and hard to track. 


So if HubSpot can build a way to allow for us to view the contacts in each delay by hovering over this, or by clicking into the delay, this would benefit so many. 

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Surprised there's not more upvotes on this. Viewing contacts in a step is essential for workflow troubleshooting. Looking at the workflow history to figure out who's who is an overly complex exercise and doesn't show at all clearly to what step each progress update relates. 


I'd expect to be able to click on the number of contacts in a wait step, then see the contacts' email addresses. 




Agreed here. I thought this would have had more activity and upvotes.