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View Communication Subscriptions in inbox sidebar

We are a North American based company with every few European customers but we want to set us up for success when it comes to GDPR so that we would have consent to communicate from our clients already before the North American law makers catch up and require it. We are therefore using the communication subscriptions in our forms to collect this data for our marketing emails and newsletter.
Currently we can only see the communication subscriptions on the contact record on the left hand side sidebar below the About this Contact section.
We would like to also see the communication subscriptions from the Inbox. The contact information is shown in a sidebar on the right, there we would like to see the communication subscriptions as well so that it would be easy to update while we are emailing or chatting with our clients. It would also allow us to see if we should prompt our client to sign up for our newsletter if we could see that he/she is currently not subscribed.
I would like to request that the communication subscriptions can be seen and edited from the Inbox view.

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Community Manager

Hi @MilenaHuebener,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

This is a great idea and I can definitely see how it would make subscription management easier. 

I'll go ahead and move this post to our product idea forum. 


Mia, Community Team