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View Calendar Details When Booking On Behalf of Other Users

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When booking on behalf of another user, I'd like to be able to see the details of that user's calendar bookings. Ideally, this would be something that could be toggled on/off based on a user by user basis.


The use case is that we have a user that books meetings on behalf of someone that does site visits. Typically, the address of the site visit is included in the meeting name and influences where and how we schedule other site visits. With only seeing 'Busy' it makes it difficult to effectively schedule directly from HubSpot.


Side note: I believe this was the behavior when the booking on behalf of other users feature first went live. I can see why it would've been changed but having the ability to grant that visibility would be very helpful.

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It doesn't make any sense that you can't see the title of a meeting booked in HubSpot in the organizer's calendar when you are booking meetings on behalf of others. I can understand why you might not want the title of a user's private meeting or doctor's appointment to show up, but if it's a meeting created and logged in HubSpot, you can see the meeting title and information in the activity feed, so I don't understand why the title of these meetings are blocked from appearing in the calendar.


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Fully agree, for companies where inside sales is booking in meetings in the field it is essential they see more location details so they can anticipate i.e. travel distance. Please update asap.



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We also have a usecase where seeing the title and description of meetings would be helpful for BDRs booking meetings on behalf of BDMs! This feature would be more useful if it allowed full visibility into someone's public events and shared calendars, like OOO time.


Full visibility within Hubspots calendar function when booking meetings for colleagues should be brought into any future updates, showing every calendar log as "busy" doesn't tell the whole picture, we should atleast be able to see if they are online or f2f appintments, or in/out of office. 


+1 on this thread. Everything said is the exact problems we are facing by using hubspot meetings tool outright.