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View Association Labels in Cross-Object Reports

When creating a cross-object report, one option of what to display and filter by should be the association labels attached to the objects involved.


For example, if the report is based on contacts and deals, I would like to have a column showing what the association between the deal and contact is.


This is for teams who need to send deal-specific communications only to certain types of contacts associated with a deal, when those contacts might also be associated with other deals in roles in which they should not receive the communication. At my company, Contact A might be associated to deals X, Y, and Z, but only have client permission to receive these communications from client Z. The communications themselves can't be automated as things stand now for a variety of reasons, but it would be extremely helpful as we update the association labels to have a report automatically keeping a list of which contacts are authorized on behalf of which clients. 

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We desperately need association labels to be managed similarly to properties. This would allow us to use them in workflows effectively and filter them without weird workarounds. We are super excited about the new association labels, but the lack of reporting abilities makes them very difficult to use. 


Not being able to report on association labels means there is a lot of manual work involved in reporting to our partners. We have partner contacts associated to deals. We also need to provide monthly reports to our partners of won deals, and the contact the deal was through. At the moment, this means manually going through every line item of the report and removing non-partner contacts based on the email address domain (so not a quick filter situation). 

We need this capability asap.


There 100% needs to be reporting ability on association labels. What is the point of having them if we can't report on them....


Piggybacking onto this thread - desparately need it for workflows and reporting


This is necessary, there is not much use to the labels without the ability to report by those labels.


100% definitely need this as soon as possible. I am relying heavily on association labels to track status on the relationship between objects. This is a big gap for me! 


Would love the ability to filter reports using Deal-Contact association labels! Would help us demonstrate our productivity efforts better


We definitely need this capability. I was excited when I saw that I could associate more than one company to a deal and create an association label "Partner" to be able to associate a deal to a partner. I honestly thought if this association label was being offered then obviously I'd be able to report on it and display all deals by partner. But that's not the case. I now need to create some workflow workaround to try and achieve this. A LOT of Hubspot customers sell via resellers / partners. This seems like a basic feature that should be available in Hubspot. We need this asap.


Completely agree! Would be great to be able to use association labels in reports as filters and/or fields.


Right now, when running a report on deals with associated contacts, each contact creates a separate line in the report. It makes it look like we are working on more deals than we actually are, especially when a given deal may have 5+ different contacts associated with it. It would be great to be able to filter the report such that only one contact with a particular association label (i.e. "Primary Contact") would appear in the report.


While on the topic of association labels, it would be amazing if they could be used in workflows as well.