View All of the Pages a Prospect Viewed and the Time Spent on Each One

Currently, HubSpot does allow us to view the first page a prospect looked at as well as the last page. Both are valuable pieces of information, but expanding the scope of them would make infinitely more valuable. I know this isn't outside the realm of possibilities, because we already get stats on the individual pages.


This would essentially allow us to know where prospects started, how long they spent there, where they went next and what their journey looked like. It would allow us to decipher the one-off visitors versus visitors extremely interested. It would allow us to identify pages that aren't performing as well (i.e. one prospect views 3-4 different pages and spends several minutes on all of them except for one). It would also allow us to see what is working as far as the user experience to keep people on our websites.

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It looks like HubSpot does track this to some degree as you can see the pages viewed if you go to their contact. There isn't a corresponding property for it though, so I cant transfer that data to Salesforce or create a report on it in HubSpot.