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I'd like to suggest that the Vidyard videos hosted on Hubspot have the option of being played in a lightbox rather than embedded on the page. 


Here is an example of the Hubspot COS page I would like to apply this to: Currently, we have to use Vimeo to be able to show the lightbox, but we can't track the video's stats within Hubspot.


Thanks for considering.

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Hi @ericthomas


I know that HubSpot will continue to make the Video product better over time. In the meantime, my recommendation would be to try Wistia. It integrates with HubSpot and has a lot of different features regarding player customization.

Now, if you care about SEO, I also recommend staying with regular embed and not move to lightboxes, since Google does not index those videos the same way.


I hope this helps. If it does please mark this response as one of the solutions.





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Thanks for the idea. We are starting the process of redesigning our site so that we will no longer need to use the lightbox, but for now, we are stuck with it. I'll check out the Wistia integration. My understanding was that it was kind of interchangeable with Vimeo, but maybe it offers more Hubspot-specific features. Thanks again!