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Vidyard CTA: open the target LP in the browser window, not in the the video iframe

In UX testing we discovered Vidyard CTAs at the end of a video open the target HubSpot Landing Page within the video iframe. This breaks the UX because the user cannot scroll and navigate the Landing Page in the iframe, only the top of the LP can be seen.

Dayton in HubSpot support advises this is behaving as expected, because the video is framed onto the page. See support case notes:


Hi Pete,

 Thanks for reaching out!

 This is working as expected, since a video will play in it's own iframe which is essentially another webpage inside of the webpage the content is on. Because of this, the iframe serves as it's own browser window in a way and will cause links to open inside the iframe. We typically recommend having it open the window in a new tab, as this will allow it to open in the same browser window and often doesn't cause too much issue with multiple tabs. If you would prefer to have it still open in the same window but not within the iframe, I found this thread on Stack Overflow that mentions a workaround for forcing links to open in the parent window, but this does require modifying code: see stackoverflow.com/questions/1037839/how-to-force-link-from-iframe-to-be-opened-in-the-parent-window 

Since this isn't a native function in Hubspot, we aren't able to support this workaround ourselves, but I'm happy to pass along some feedback to my team on this, as I feel it would benefit a good number of users having this as a native function. Alternatively, if you would like to get your word directly in front of our product team, you can do so by creating a post on HubSpot's Ideas Forum, as it goes right to our developers to show demand and help them decide what feature to implement next! 

If you have any questions on this, please feel free to reach out!

Best Regards,


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