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Hi everyone,

I would like to suggest that HubSpot's CRM/Sales platform require validations for fields. 


For example, my company wants to setup a validation rule so that a company name must start with a capital letter, or emails and first/last names must be required when creating new contacts.



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This would be a great feature that could be paired with the deal stage automation settings, such that deals can only be moved to a deal stage when they meet a certain criteria.


Would love to see this too. We are trying to migrate from SF to HS and this is a crucial aspect of the process. 

HubSpot Employee

HubSpot rep here! 

Just spoke with a customer who has a specific need to prevent special characters from being entered into a field. With the first name property, for example, it's possible for someone to insert a malicious URL in the first name field which poses a security threat. By preventing characters such as ".", this would prevent a behavior like that from occuring. 


Any update on this idea? this is the biggest flaw of HubSpot IMO.