Using personalization tokens in URL's / Links in sales emails


I want to be able to hyperlink some text with a token. 

I want to store the URL for a user to sign up / create their account as a property, and then in a template say "Click here to sign up" (and hyperlink that CTA). 






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Please, this will be a very good improvement.


I super agree - just raised this to HubSpot support today.


Very useful to have a personalization token act as a link in a hyperlink. Example: "Set a meeting with me." and link is the HubSpot meeting link.


Apparently this is possible in marketing emails, but not templates, so it should be an easy fix/change.


I would echo this would be a very useful feature for some of our campaigns to have personalized UTM parameters in the hyperlink in email templates. 


Yes please! This is a feature that would be extremely valuable to us. 


Upvoting this! Let's get some personalization in those embeded urls! Right now, I'm having to send a long-form url with custom fields. Which.... works, but let's make it profesh!


Upvoting. This is a limiting factor for us. Lots of use cases for adding personalization tokens to links  (unique client parameters for sign up/viewing custom data on our site, or parameters specific to the sender). I know this feature is available for marketing emails, but a large part of our sales funnel is focused on 1:1 sales emails. 


Sending a plain url (instead of linked text) with tokens is not a good option for several reasons (unprofessional, can't include linked text in the middle of sentences).


Upvoting this as well. This has been a pain point for us since onboarding HubSpot several years ago. It looks unprofessional to have long URLs in the body of sequence emails. We use personalization tokens to manage lots of our URLs, and it would make a lot of sense to be able to hyperlink them. You can do it in marketing emails, so I don't understand why we can't do it in sequences. Thanks.


+1 We store unique URLs as contact properties that we would like to be able to input into a text URL in the email sequence templates. Tools like Outreach or even Hubspot marketing email (through the use of a CTA) have this feature and it would be awesome to have the same for Hubspot sales sequences.