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Using multiple primary domains for Landing pages

As you know, landing pages are very crucial for marketers. Most marketers are involved in creating or designing landing pages to increase conversion and give personalized messages to their visitors. In HubSpot, users can use one primary domain for the landing pages. However, companies establish many different marketing activities. For example, the marketing team can design workshops/webinars activities, paid ad activities, and persona-based resources. Therefore, the marketing team needs landing pages for these various activities, and buying subdomain is not a good idea for the SEO and cost issues. Therefore, HubSpot can allow marketers to use multiple primary domains or at least two domains simultaneously. For example, we have for the landing pages, but I can't use that for the paid ad because of the "events." Therefore, I want to use my primary domain, such as too for the different activities. I don't want to open many subdomains.