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Using content staging to create and test translated webpages before going live

Currently, I can't use Content Staging to create and test translated website pages. I just have to take my chances on launching them on my live site. With 275 new pages all going live at once, this is problematic. Please add the ability to use Content Staging to create and test page translations.

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October 16, 2020 11:37 AM

Hi @StephStunt,


We have long-term plans to improve the Content Staging tool, but I'm sorry to say it won't happen soon. Right now, our teams are focused on finishing multi-language blog, multi-language knowledge base, and making some other improvements to the content management features in HubSpot. 


For now, you will need to stage your pages, redesign them, publish them, then re-group them. I apologize for the inconvenience 😞You may want to consider doing this is parts, rather than all at once. The difference between the two pages, grouped vs ungrouped, will be that when they're not grouped they won't have a language switcher to take you between them, and they won't have the hreflang alternate tags. As soon as they're grouped again, both of those things will be restored. 


If you'd like to talk more, please let me know. I'd be happy to get on a call with you and answer any other questions related to this process that might be helpful to you!


- Snaedis 

August 02, 2020 06:04 PM

Hi @Anonymous - currently, when you publish a page through Content Staging, we preserve the original language of the page, but not the multilanguage group that it was originally part of. That said, after you publish the page, you can manually re-group the pages. We're actively looking into how to improve this experience. If you currently use Content Staging and would be open to a 15-minute chat about how you use it, where it's working well, and where you wish it worked better, please send me a direct message. I'd love to chat! 

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April 14, 2020 10:47 PM

Hello HubSpot Community,


Thank you, as always, for your continued feedback! It helps us build a great product.


We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our priorities and roadmap to deliver as much value as possible to our customers. 


The request to use Content Staging to create and test translated website pages makes a lot of sense. Based on the comments and use cases you all have listed, we are reviewing this request and its feasibility against other priorities on our roadmap. At this time, I don’t have any details around timing or delivery, but thank you for the comments and votes on this post. We’re actively looking into what it would take to solve this problem.




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November 08, 2019 01:14 PM

Hello, I'm a product manager on the CMS team. I'm interested in learning more about how we might improve the Content Staging tool - I'm especially curious to hear about the processes which some of you have alluded to around managing your multi-language content. If you're open to sharing your thoughts and experiences, please book a time to speak with me!

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+1 definitely needed!


+1 for content staging improvement for multilanguage pages.

If you want to redesign the page, I don't think it is possible to redesign all the pages of a multilanguage group.

What I did was :

  1. Redesign the English version using content staging
  2. Push the new English version live
  3. Cloned it and transalated it to French
  4. Unpublished the old French page
  5. Changed the URL of the new French page to the one of the Old French page
  6. Recreated the multilanguage group
  7. Continued with other languages



+1 We are urgently in need of this feature

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Would love to see this feature. Very much work right now. 


Is there any updates on this feature? And what would be the alternate solution to publish content staging for both English and French at the same time?


I tested another alternative to this approach and found that there is a possibility to publish stage multi-language pages. This is just one solution that I found and may not be ideal but here are the steps that I attempted.

1. Content Stage both the English and French pages simultaneously. (Optional: have the URL slugs be the same for each page for consistency) and for the non-English page, set the page language to your language of choice.

2. Publish both pages to the live domain.

3. Go to Website Pages and select the secondary language page and click on Edit and then Add to Multi-Language Group and select the primary language page. You would have to do this for each and every page that you are redesigning.

The problem I see with this solution is that when you want to redesign
the page, it is easier to redesign one language and then clone / translate.
If you stage both pages simultaneously, then you have to redesign both
pages separately, no?

You could create a page template where the modules can be easily edited for multi-language content.  For example, your page has all your modules set up on a drag-and-drop template and each module has editable fields. The menu itself can be a global module and built where you can toggle between the English text and French menus as well.

So when you do clone a page on the Content Staging platform, you can easily translate and edit the text as needed.

If you had set up your modules within a flexible column, then you would technically have to add each manually to the pages.


We use a theme which does not have that 😞

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The site we gonna launch soon has over 2k pages in 6 languages.