Using contact fields in deals

Want to be able to pull Contact data (like hubspot owner) automatically into a deal and run a query to set a new field


For instance 

The contact has an address in a specific state.

The contact is associated with a hubspot owner - a workflow can assign the owner

The hubspot owner is part of a territory

The deal should automatically associate to the territory.

You cannot run workflows on deal properties today


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Using contact fields in dealsCommunity Manager
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Hi @palves, thank you for your feedback!

While this type of action is not currently possible with the tool, we have definitely heard similar feedback from other customers regarding a will to be able to update deal properties based on the values for contact properties with a Workflow.


Because this is more of a product suggestion, I am going to move this topic to our Ideas board, if that is alright with you. That way, other users will be able to upvote/comment on this idea in order to demonstrate the value of such a feature to our team.


Thanks again for posting!


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Updating deal properties based on the values for contact properties with a Workflow is definitely something we need and we look forward to have it implemented !