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Using Quotes to create detailed Proposals and Contracts

With the recent updates to the Product/Line Item module, I was very excited to be able to use the Quotes feature for proposals and contracts.  We use PandaDoc to provide my Sales Team with a tool to create proposals, and contracts, using templates and content created and controlled by the management team.   However, I believe we *should* be able to customize the HubSpot Quotes feature to replace PandaDoc, which will save us money and time and give us better integration and tracking.  However, there are limitations that stop us from benefiting from this module.   While there is probably a lot more that can be done to build out this feature, at the base level, there should be more options/flexibility to add content from a HubSpot content library into a quote, using a template/snippet/document with tokens.  In addition, there should be ways to automate the "tax" field so that the sales rep does not have to manually enter a % or amount for products with rates dependent on multiple variables.      


Some background to help: 


We sell sponsorships of conferences.  We have pre-set packages (i.e. Platinum, Gold..) but also create custom packages or adjust pre-set packages to meet our sponsors' needs.   Breaking the packages down by Product or line items doesn't work for us - our product is the whole package.  (ie. Product = Platinum Sponsorship.)  However, we do need to provide details of what comes in that package - and we do need to provide our team with a standard template for each package/product and the ability to further customize that package/product.  


There should be an option to create templates for product descriptions, that can be pulled into the Comments section of the quote, respectively.  Then the text can be edited/customized by the deal owner.  This allows mgmt to have a library they create/update with the latest product descriptions and language.  Right now the only option is to create a library of snippets to pull into the Comments sections.  However, due to the character limit, this is useless as our package descriptions have more characters than a snippet allows. It's worth noting that the Comments section does allow for unlimited characters.


Also, we have different T&Cs depending on the Product and/or where an event takes place. We should be able to let the rep pull the correct T&Cs into the Terms section - but once again, that section only allows them to pull text from the snippet library - and our T&Cs are much longer than the snippet character limit.  Again,  the Terms section in quotes does allow for unlimited characters. 


Lastly , the line items section of the quote allows the rep to add a specific tax % - but I'd rather not leave that to my rep to determine.  We usually say "plus VAT" or "plus GST" depending on the country - and the actual % is included in their invoice, not their quote (we do not use Hubspot as our finance system).   There should be the ability to create a workflow that populates the tax % based on, for example, the country specified on the deal.  Or pulls that % from an existing field in the deal.  Or gives the option to say "plus [insert name of tax]".  


With regard to solutions offered by HubSpot -

(1) use the Description section on the individual Product level -- that section can't be edited once in a quote - and our reps are empowered to customize packages.  The description section also doesn't allow for formatted text or tokens.  


(2) create a custom quote template for each t&c version and/or create a custom quote template for each product option ----Those sections won't be editable and the sales rep needs to be able to make adjustments to (a) customize a quote, and (b) make changes to T&Cs based on customer feedback and with mgmt approval.



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HubSpot Employee

I am Lucia from the EMEA CSM team. The idea of using quotes to create contracts has come up multiple times with my customers. 

Recently had a conversation with a customer, and the roadblock to using quotes as a way of creating contracts was the lack in the quotes tool of a functionality that would let the contract's recipient add notes to the contract (example: request changes to the contract). 

If the contract feature becomes a thing, in the future, it'd be great to add this functionality to it.