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Using More Than Domain Name When Connecting Companies and Contacts! Must Have Feature!

Hi Hubspot user and developers,


 1. BRIEF: 

Our company experienced very major problem using data base with many companies (5000 +). Most of them are small, without websites, therefore without contact domains (the contacts have personal emails). This must be NO ISSUE for platform like Hubspot, BUT unfortunately it happens to be a Huge obstacle. This is not isolated case. I found a lot of same problems in other Hubspot Clients.



At that point Hubspot auto connects Contacts with Company based on same domain names. This occurs also when importing large CSV files with company names to bulk change a property. If the file does not include a domain, the changes you are trying to make turn into duplicates of the company.



We have a list with 5000 companies. About 2500 of them every month change the value of property “X”. You got a CSV file with those 2500 in which is easy to copy-paste the variable and import the file to bulk change the value, but many of the logs DO NOT HAVE domain names. If you try to import this file in Hubspot the companies with domain names shifts their value, BUT those without are recorded as duplicates.

Similar problem will be trying to import large file with many Contact logs to update companies staff. The ones without same domain and email will NOT be associated with their company. Only because not matching email and website…



Hubspot suggest to make the changes manually… This is a huge loss of time! It means manual search all the logs without domain and make this changes manually. Especially considering the fact that if using the search multiply selection is cleared, moving to another page is the same. From this you have 1000+ logs to find ONE by ONE and make the changes on regular base, without things like multiply selection or using file import.

From this fact come the conclusion that dynamical change of data base without domain name is very difficult to handle using Hubspot platform. 



As you see, this suggestion of Hubspot team is NOT quite the professionalism level that we Clients and Users expect from a partner of this rank.



All the domains connected to companies are unique and probably has a unique ID in backend data base. If Hubspot offers in import not to connect company logs by domain, instead of this choosing unique ID as primary recognition value this problem will be solved. With this option, you can export all the companies with adjacent unique ID which correspods to company name and domain (if there is such), processed the data in excel and import the changes back to Hubspot as example like this:


Importing file with following columns:

Company name / Unique ID / property_X

In “Mapping property” choosing Unique ID or Domain as primary matching value.

//This will connect the unique ID’s or domains and make the changes in needed property.


Company name / Unique ID / First name / Phone / Lifecycle_stage

//This will connect the unique ID’s or domains and record the contact or if log exist record the new data or changes.



This idea is just an example. There must be many different and smart ways option like this to be added as a feature. Matching company and contact log with each other with more than domain name will make Hubspot a bit more flexible and satisfying tool when dealing large data base with dynamical changing property values. Which is the reason using Hubspot as marketing tool...






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September 12, 2018 01:54 PM

Could you try once more after a browser refresh? The form is currently set as available to all, feel free to comment again if the problem persists and I will spin up another form! 

If not - here is a net new form you can use @jonplaca @GeertJanKraan : 

August 23, 2018 02:33 PM

Sorry about that Jon, all set now! 

August 23, 2018 02:08 PM

Hi all,

I wanted to provide an update here - the ability to associate objects on import is currently in a private beta. If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form to gain access to the beta and we will be in contact if our beta product is a good fit for you. Please provide as much detail as possible. 


Thank you! 

July 13, 2018 11:51 AM

Hi everyone, thank you for the valuable feedback here! I wanted to update you all that this is something we are actively working on and hope to deliver shortly. 


Before then, I will be sending out emails to those of you who have commented on this post to hopefully collect some additional feedback on a prototype and to gain access to our earliest beta release. 

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@Dylan, I'm still seeing "This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organisation.", even if opened in an incognito window, with a clear cache, and in another browser.
@Dylan, your new form worked, thanks! We would like to import our Salesforce contacts asap into HubSpot, but expect issues with matching by domain name. See below for more information (also submitted via your form). Will the beta address these issues?

In Salesforce, we have about 5K accounts and 15K contacts. For a lot of accounts, we have different email vs website domains (e.g. vs. We also have a lot of different accounts sharing the same website domain or variations like or What we're looking for is: 1) Associate multiple domains per company, so that HubSpot correctly recognizes which companies / Salesforce accounts to use for new contacts. 2) Import all Salesforce contacts with an email address in HubSpot. We read that we first need to import all contacts via a CSV import ( and then import the related acccounts via your Salesforce connector ( How can we make sure that all imported contacts are associated to the right Salesforce accounts? If HubSpot only matches using email domain, this won't work.

@Dylan Thanks - form submitted.


NOTE: For those looking to fill out the form, double check the URL parameter to ensure that the URL is the same that @Dylan previously posted - clicking the link directly will inject a "%" between a few characters in the URL which will redirect you to an error page.


Any update on this?

I have the same need for an alternate ID-based matching system for imports.

We find that we have some companies in our list that have multiple branches but share the same domain structure.

The current matching method adds contacts from all branches to the first Company it finds with the same domain.

We urgently need a solution.


 How do I access the form?




See my comment from 9/13/2018 to access the form