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Users should be able to select their own specific properties for deduplication

Who: Marketing Team, Support Team, Sales Team
Value: One Contact, No Duplicates, Better CRM and data management

Many CRM have customizable properties or references for the core operation of CRM - deduplication. And It's very industry-centric. For some industries, having only email as reference works, for some mobile number works better. Some may require multiple properties to be set as references. 


For Starters: You can give a choice of selecting deduplication criteria, keeping it limited to hubspot properties only. And then gradually including multiple properties as criteria, and expanding to custom properties.  

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This would be awesome and make our life much easier, since our deals and contacts and companies need to be closely integrated with our accounting system, which has its own unique identifiers.


Agreed - we have a central core system which generates its own unique customer ID, and when our customers update an email address, we're seeing duplication in HubSpot. Need to have a better, non-manual, way to deal with duplicates. 


This would be great. We have many companies with the same Company name, but all locations are individually owned so there is no parent/child relationship to force exclusion from the calculation. If we were able to note which companies to exclude from the calculation that would be helpful to us.


Love this idea! I think it could probably be down with Workflows if they added the right functionality to the enrollment criteria options.


My idea for how this could be done would be to set the enrollment criteria for the workflow to be if there is more than 1 contact with the same value for a specified property (the user would get to choose this property), then enroll the contact that is either the oldest or newest (again, the user would get to choose this) and then merge the contact that got enrolled into the other contact that matched the same criteria, leveraging the native manual merge functionality that HubSpot already has.


The same process could be done for Companies as well.

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This is a limitation in Service Pro. We are teaching people to use Support Forms as a feature of Service Pro, and I have made the ticket properties as part of the process, per the requirement of a Support Form. But now HS won’t let me control if a new ticket is created. It should allow me to send this support form to the Support Inbox for triage. It’s frustrating that Service Pro has this gap I don’t know why HS locks things like this. It’s friction.


This would be a huge improvement over the lackuster limitation of the "Domain de-dupe only" inside the Company object.


Our database includes a consistent amount of company entries who simply do not have their own web/email domain.


If this might help someone, it is worth nothing that when you create a new Custom Object, you can actually determine what property to be set as "required unique", which means it will be used by HubSpot to de-duplicate.


However, for all of the pre-made objects (Companies, Contacts, Deals. etc.), the de-duplication field is locked by HubSpot to domain/email and Record ID.


Extremely limiting logic, especially when the Record ID cannot be used in forms.

Which finally means that if we get a new contact through a form, the only option is manuall association.


So much for a platofrm aimed to automate manual work!


Great idea.  For example, linkedin url, if identical, could be used to merge company domains with .com and .ai endings

Some for contact linkedin url and company is the same, then contact can be merged with no risk.