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User status details through user provisioning

It will be better if we can get the status of a user through user API endpoint.


When I make a call to the GET Users API endpoint to get the details of a single user, I am getting the response with first name, last name, email, role details, team details and if he/she is a superadmin or not.

Response json:
"firstName": "string",
"lastName": "string",
"primaryTeamId": "101",
"roleIds": [
"sendWelcomeEmail": true,
"roleId": "100",
"secondaryTeamIds": [
"id": "123",
"superAdmin": false,
"email": ""

But in this response, there is no key present to identity if this user is active or inactive in Hubspot. Also, there is no API that supports to activate/deactivate the user from the IDP. Also, I noticed that it is possible to deactivate the user only from the Hubspot side alone but this user will still be active in the IDP side which leads to consistency.


My suggestions:

1. It will be better if there is an API supported that allows the IDP to change the status of a user(active/inactive) because Hubspot allows to change the status of a user from Hubspot side alone. So this would make sense.
2. Also it will be better if the status of a user is sent in the GET user response as I explained above.

Looking forward to the response from the Hubspot team regarding my suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

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Managing users across different cloud platforms is challenging.  It consumes more IT team time than it should.  I've tasked one of the team to do a full user audit across all of the cloud platforms we use.  I suggested he use whatever APIs are present to automate the task as much as possible.  It seems pulling active/inactive users from a cloud service API would be a no brainer.  Imagine my shock when I'm told it isn't possible with HubSpot. 


HubSpot - give us something to use.  A deactivated flag or date of deactivation or something, anything so we don't need to figure out how to scrape the data or worse, actually login and export it.