User specific time zones

There is presently no way to include a token that populates email copy with a user's time zone for timed events. 



I want to send out a scheduled outage email due to happen at 10pm AEST. I currently have to stipulate the time zone as Hubspot doesn't have a way to dynamically change this field. The time zone of any given user is known since it's the same logic behind the smart send. 


Can we please look at including a token that allows you to set a date/time based on your Hubspot timezone and have it auto-adjust for a user's timezone on send?


Currently, I'd have to create multiple lists and emails, which is time-consuming and makes for tracking the email's open rates etc a bit tedious. 

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This is a feature our company is also interested in!

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I agree, the inability of a user to change his own timezone just doesnt make sense. Why would you have to wait for the Super admin to change the Timezone for you if you both have different timezones