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User specific time zones

I work in a team spread across 4 different time zones. It would be helpful if each of us could have our local time zone associated with our HS profile and that would carry through when I'm scheduling activities or assigning tasks.

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May 01, 2020 05:39 AM

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Hey Hubspot, 110 upvotes and "under review" for 90 days.  Any update here?



Without this feature you can't actually get accurate sales reporting across countries. e.g. The USA is one day behind Australia so if the time zone is set to Australia in HubSpot then the monthly sales report for US based sales staff cuts off one day early at the end of each month.

Very disappointing for a system that is meant to be international.


Super confused as to why it's set up like this. With users being able to choose local time zone settings, why wouldn't it be tied to that rather than the account default settings?

We were so clear in the sales process and our evaluation of Hubspot of the importance of being able to operate smoothly with our international presence and needs. I would never have thought to ask about this. This causes a real problem as everyone else has already mentioned, but not being able to search by the correct close date is going to cause a lot of confusion.

Does anyone have a workaround they're using right now? I've created a separate field 'Deal close date' which doesn't pull the time element that the Hubspot generated 'Close Date' does. BUT the Close Date in the top left hand corner of a Deal cannot be moved, so that's going to be rife with errors. What are you all doing as a workaround? Since this was first flagged three years ago, I'm concerned this won't be fixed.  


Yes. This is needed. Half our company is in the UK and live chat hours are set to UK time versus EST. this is a problem. 


More than 3 years later and still being reviewed huh?


Curious if anyone knows how many upvotes are required to garner priority for these? 


We are a company with sales folks operating out of all over the globe (Caribbean, LATAM, US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Asia Pacific, and ANZ). It is really troublesome to look at timestamp (Sep 25, 2020, at 8:26 PM GMT+xx.xx) and do time conversion every time when they look at any activity within the platform. HubSpot being a US-based company, I am sure most of their customers are based out of the US which itself has 5 different timezones. I am surprised that not being able to use the local timezone has not caused an issue for HubSpot.

EDIT - I put some more thoughts into this and I think beyond just Date/Time, there should be a feature to set preferred currency as well. Eg, I can see that on the deals table/board view, there is a total amount against each deal stage. Currency for this amount is the one set as default at the account level. However, this should be based on a user's preference. As I mentioned, user-based out of the UK has no use of $ currency. I'd request @StaceyM to update this idea to accommodate both date/time and currency. 


FYI this went into review on May 1st this year, not 3 years ago.

You can 'upvote' this at the top of the page (thumb up the original post)


Although, it would be nice to get an update from HubSpot on this.


Cheers, Jamie


I can see from my own experience working with customers that this is something that would greatly aid in preventing confusion across timezones!


BIG UPS to this idea.


I am the only member of my team in a vastly different time zone and this would make my life so much easier, and help avoid time zone errors. Thank you so much!

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Not having user-based or team-based options for time zones is like missing the tires on your car when dealing with a global sales team.  This is no longer nice to have after 3 years of requests but a need to have.  Can we have an update on when we could expect an essential feature if you are really trying to have a global community of sales reps using it.    


In the meantime is there any type of workaround for this?




This feature release is incredibly important for our teams across the globe. The timezone sync to salesforce is making hubspot useless for our teams in other countries as notifications are showing up on the wrong days and email logging is too confusing due to this timezone issue. If not resolved, it is likely a deal breaker for our team.


We work in UK and NZ, having everything set to UTC really impacts on our abilty to report on activity 

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Commenting for a customer here:

As mentioned by other users, we are dealing with companies who have international users. My client here needs to copy a date value into a google sheet through workflow. However, we are not able to copy timezone value into the sheet, as such, the date value is confusing for them across the different timezones they are working in.

Hope we can get this out asap!


Totally agree!  With all the customizations available here, I'm shocked this isn't a feature.  Seems like a very basic thing to have your calendar be in YOUR time zone.  Duh....


We also have teams all around the world and this is so needed!

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+1 we have employees across the US and not being able to have times reflected in their local time when using Hubspot is a frustration.


I still can't believe this isn't a standard feature.  Hello??  We have international offices.


bruh... I banged my head on a wall with a workflow finding why it doesn't work and turns out the timezone in my account is UTC -4 while my actual timezone is UTC +5. This is a default feature in almost all of the apps I have used from Google Ads to SFDC. Please look into it and give us an update. 


Yes, definitly. We also work in an international team, it's a bit inconvenient now.