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User specific time zones

I work in a team spread across 4 different time zones. It would be helpful if each of us could have our local time zone associated with our HS profile and that would carry through when I'm scheduling activities or assigning tasks.

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May 01, 2020 05:39 AM

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This would be great. Please implement as soon as possible


Appears this is still not available and we have the same need.   Global markets, worked by different team members, across 10 time zones.  Would also note they actually work those time zones.   We can't justify separate instances of Sales Hub, both from a deals and management dashboards perspective.



Lending support to the idea.


This isn't even about global teams: having employees across a single, wide country like the United States means having to contemplate at least two timezones.


Ridiculous its not already in here. I'm managing teams in 4 different timezones


+1 a million time over!!!!


How is this still not a thing in 2024?


Let's get this faeture added asap HubSpot @glencornell 


Deperately needed! 3 timezones for our company.


Hello, like all of you, I need to be able to work with different time zones.


My main problem is a USER from MEXICO or COLOMBIA when he executes a REPORT and shares it, the activities use the Mexico or Colombia time zone, but the report filters use the time zone of the SPAIN platform, for this reason with the GAP of 8 hours the reports do not reflect reality.


If anyone knows how, help is welcome.


thank you

Nico Telynet


This HubSpot Ideas channel topic is aging well.  SEVEN YEARS +!   Marked "reviewing" by someone at HubSpot sometime after the idea was first posted in 2017.  They seem willing to default to a notion activity timestamps and property history using the time zone set on a user's device fills the bill.  It does not.  Instead we're forced to default to the "account" time zone which has been a big issue for us.   

It's apparent to those of us who have stated a legitimate need, they place little importance in it and we should expect no change in the future.  If someone comes back to me and says "It's coming..., but will only be available in Enterprise" Or, worse yet, require purchase of a geo-specific user license adder fee.


Shareholders win - users lose.      

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@MStreib I totally agree. If Hubspot wants to be a series company that works with global businesses, this is a pretty basic requirement. It is unbelievable that this has been open for over seven years, and Hubspot, other than changing its status, has done practically nothing.