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User specific time zones

I work in a team spread across 4 different time zones. It would be helpful if each of us could have our local time zone associated with our HS profile and that would carry through when I'm scheduling activities or assigning tasks.

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My team is scheduleing for 50 plus people in 3 different timezones  This would be very helpful to have a timezone assigned per user instead of the account as a whole


Adding my voice and frustration to this. I've used HS since 2017 and it has always been within a globally distributed team. I don't understand how a user can setup localized number formatting but not timezone. Everyone not based in US East Coast has to constantly calculate when stuff goes out. PLEASE. Stop making new things for just a second until the old things work as needed.


upvote we have teams spread globally. When can we expect using mutilipe timezones and schedules? 


We absolutely needs this to be able to implement Hubspot across our global sales team! Please work on this Hubspot


Morning Hubspot team, can you give this group a time line on when this will be fixed pls. 


Just started working remote for an Eastern time company.  I am in Central.  Having my local schedule in Hubspot in the correct time zone is the only way it makes it useful for me.


Hoping there's a fix for this coming soon!


Apparently Hubspot does not monitor these feeds because you would have expected at least some response from them by now.  A little frustrating


This is a very important feature to a client. They need it for quarterly forecasting. They are headquartered in Colorado, but some leadership is in California. Consequently the reports he needs don't show the accurate data.  


How the **bleep** is this still being reviewed?? In 2022 this is not yet done? Come on guys.... Really?
Please give us the best work around for the time being as you guys are drinking tea and thinking of the next 'important' feature.


Agreed it is very demoralizing for our sales staff in different regions to be working on the last day of the month and not have access to their sales reports to close out a month-end as they are based in a different timezone. Their access levels should be based on where they are located, not Hubspot instance. 

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Hi team!


Commenting on behalf of a customer on a similar vein:


I would like to apply a date filter on a report based on a certain timezone as they we have sales teams operating from Australia, Ireland and US. They would like to see "today's" sales but in their respective timezones.


Yes please! This would be so helpful

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Hey Team, 

I wanted to ask for an update on this idea post. I have a customer who also finds it critical to be able to see the Data stored in Date properties in the Timezone configured for the portal. Not in their Local Timezone. 

Would appreaciate an update here.



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Definitely need this feature!! Working with more and more clients that have European and US-based teams. 


The fact that "HubSpot you'll see the timezone of where you are located reflected and not the default account timezone" when it comes to contacts registered is in fact a poor decesion. It creates friction between users of HS and the Sales CRM (in case its not HS) - the numbers do not match, making the flatform highly irrelevant for managment reporting/not credible. Our target audience is in US and Canada, and so are our marketing platforms, HS account and budgets allocated. The MKT team is in GMT+3  and everything that has to do with HS dashboards and monitoring is in GMT+3. That's a serious issue...





Just spoke with support and they say the feature works as intended - then the intention/scope is flawed in context of a team not all working in the same/single building 🙂


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If you assign a task to someone else, you should be able to set it in your time zone and it converts it to theirs for the same time. If I set a task for 9 am, my team gets notified at 2 am. Whether you set it in their time zone or yours and it converts, it need to be clear how this behavior will work.


Absolutely ridiculous that this isn't yet an option. Our European sales team members have to always do funky conversions from the US-based account default when setting up sequences. PLEASE make Hubspot a viable option for global sales. This is bad.