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User specific time zones

I work in a team spread across 4 different time zones. It would be helpful if each of us could have our local time zone associated with our HS profile and that would carry through when I'm scheduling activities or assigning tasks.

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Slow. Clap. HubSpot, once again I am amazed by the basic shortfalls you have in your product. For somethign that has been around for so many years serving international teams HOW IS THIS NOT A FEATURE YET??


Even in the US, there are different timezones. How can one of the best-selling CRM tools miss this feature? 


Such a MASSIVE shortfall in this platform - our instance has global settings for North America when we have teams working all over the world. It is basically impossible to use scheduling, posting, version histories, open times etc etc the list goes on and on. Are we honestly expected to do timezone translations hundreds of times a week just to use this software??? 


Any update on this?


@glencornell - Has the either the Head of Product or VP of Product even aware that this basic feature has been in request for almost 4 years and not even enterprise-level companies have access to it? 


It is December 2021 in a world that is remote/distributed. Employees for companies worldwide have now been working remotely across different times zones for years and ALL current SAAS tools (Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Asana, Slack, Gsuit, Jira, Outlook, etc...) allow each user to set their time zone in each tool.


Besides Hubspot, I have never encountered a tool force an entire distributed workforce working across time zones to have its employees change their time zones on their operating systems because such a basic function is missing. This is really unheard of.


What is the process to get this escalated to the Head or VP of product so that this can finally get solved?


We now have the ability to send based on time zones for regular emails. Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 11.38.22 AM.png

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@glencornell Any idea what the status of this feature is?


@glencornell as others have said this is a really important feature that Hubspot needs to have. I have teams all over the world, all working in different timezones, but they can only send meetings in the main account timezone unless they are using the scheduling page - not good at all. 


This suggestion was raised in 2017 and it is shocking that it has not yet been implemented. With the increase in remote workers throughout many organizations (including ours)  this feature is needed now more than ever.  


New to Hubspot, coming from a decade+ in Salesforce and shocked we do not have time zones as a user-level functionality. Seems this may raise a lot of issues for us with a distributed team.


+1 on this.  


This feature pretty much essential for any enterprise software.  In any orgnization with more than one location, forcing users not in the deafult locations to see everything in their GUI at the wrong time (or often the wrong day) is really not good


Can we get some feedback HubSpot on when this could be added?





Very much needed piece, as my global sales team has linked their hubspot calendar scheduling option recently, and now realizing the issue with them all being considered to be on our same US time zone, when they are across the globe.  At present, seems they will need to do the math each time when blocking out or opening days on their  calendar links.    


Agree. We need this feature as well!


We have 3 teams waiting for this functionality. It's essential in clousing deals that take place on the last day of each month.

Do we have news?


Please implement this update!


Surprised that this is yet to be deployed 😞


I also work across multiple time zones, this feature would then enable me to use my meeting links correctly, without the need to explain that the booking will loo different from the selection they have made. 


For is is strongly needed. We have a negative impact with the clossings and reporting since the account HQ is in one timezone and we work +6 to -7 h from that globally with teams that have to change manually every entry to match the finance/sales reporting. 


We really need this! I see this was reviewed back in 2020, any news?


It seems crazy that this idea stems all the way back to 2017. It would be nice to see more of an engagement from Hubspot on threads like this that have so much activity. I work with an organization that has 6 offices across the globe. My understanding is that in order to use different time zones for each of our 6 offices, each office would need its own account? That seems pretty ridiculous to me. Especially since we have the team settings enabled.