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User can move throughout diff. sections of an article using the article's frozen topics

The ability to freeze topics within an article so that it appears "floating" on the side and enable readers to skip ahead and go back back to different sections of an article with one click would be a game changer for the readability of articles. This would also increase the effectiveness of the article because it would enhance the article layout and make it really easy and quick for readers to find the information they need. Otherwise, you have to create several articles to cover sections of one topic (which becomes overwhelming to the user - nobody wants to click 7 links to learn everything about 1 topic).


The workaround I have currently employed now is to create anchors at the top of the page which allows our customers/users to skip ahead to specific sections of an article. However, it would be great if the user could skip through the article as they needed without having to scroll all the way to the top for the anchors each time. This article is a good example of what I am talking about.