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User & Teams Excel Export to include Permission Set & Status columns

Currently there is no way as a HubSpot client, or by HubSpot themselves (via Support) to do a user export which includes the two filters that are on the User & Teams settings screen: Permission Set & Status.
These two fields are there as filters in settings, because they are the most useful filters to have, so it equally makes sense that they'd be needed for export too. Super Admins should be able to export this list with these two extra columns in it.

The current available data for user export includes:

  • User ID
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Last login date
  • Assigned teams
  • Assigned role
  • Permissions

My use case, is I want to take the full list of users and conduct an audit of them, going out to teams to clarify who does/doesn't need access and what level of access everyone needs - I'll also do some general clean up with first/last names, and team & role updates.
These two fields I'm requesting would make the former task far eaiser, but can't be exported. So, I'll have to manually note down hundreds of times from HubSpot to excel to record it.

To pre-empt the suggestion I could use Permissions, the Permissions (not Permission Set) is a very long string of permissions text and not user friendly to work with teams to determine permissions.


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This would be incredibly helpful for our ogranization in order for us to track all tools in our portal. 

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Hi @RK5 , thanks for the feedback here! We made some updates late last year to both the User table displayed information and the inclusion of additional information in the export. This now includes Permission Set and also a Yes/No value for Deactivated status to help you determine if a user is currently Active. We hope to continue improving the export process - I hear you on the format of the Permissions data! What format for this data would be most helpful for you?