User Permissions for Contact Properties

User Permissions for Contact Properties


I would like to allow certain users to only have access to certain contact properties, not all of them.

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This would also be helpful on company properties where a field can only be edited by a certain team not the whole organisation.


Could a permission view/edit be set at the property group level and then any fields in that group are assigned those permissions?

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I would also like to voice support for more granular control of individual properties.


For instance, I would like to allow users to assign unassigned contacts/companies to themselves, but not to other people. Inadvertently doing so can screw up multiple people as now some users end up with contacts they don't know what they were supposed to be doing with, and the original owner/claimmant cannot access the account since we don't want them to be able to edit each others' accounts.


Also, making certain properties view-only, rather than just broad categories, would be helpful, as I currently need to allow editing to the whole module to permit any editing at all, while there are several fields that should not be edited.


Allowing field-specific permissions would be very helpful so as to not be forced to give users enough rope to hang themselves with.

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This would be also very useful for deal properties.

Manage who can see and who can edit such properties or group of properties!