User Permissions - don't allow documents/email templates/etc. to be edited or deleted by users

I think this is fairly common for most companies. When we upload an official document or create an email template, it has been QAed by company information.  While we let people edit the templates as they send them, we don't want them adding their own templates, duplicating templates, editing existing templates, or deleting templates.  We spend a lot of time QAing the fact that people go off on their own and create things that ultimately will become quickly outdated or not have approved verbiage.


The same goes for uploading documents to our documents tab for emailing.


I think a user permission upgrade is desperately needed in order to compete with other CRMs.  We need to be able to, at the very least, lock down who can add/delete documents and lock down certain email template folders to be company approved content only.

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I'd like to be able to set the view permissions on a document so only a user or team of users can view it.