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It would be very nice to have a User-Log especially for Workflows, Lists and Emails to see which user changed what and when.

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 User-Log, Audit Log, call it whatever, it's definately a must.


YES. Someone on our team deleted some very relevent properties on SEVERAL forms! Smiley Mad


 This is really needed... especially for lists involved in integration syncs.

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Definitely upvoting this.

There are many critical toggle switches in the settings area that have severe downstream effects. Yes, we could restrict access, but even if there are 2/3 super admins, I need to know which one toggled the switch on that auto-creates company records based on new leads, or who switched on the 'non-hubspot forms' feature etc.


This is the dirty underbelly of CRM.  Users who have authorized access to an application and then they destroy property related to the business on their way out the door.  We had a HubSpot admin download the entire application as they separated from the business and then he "replaced" our application with a "version" that left virtually every single HubSpot field moved to custom fields impacting reporting and analytics.  Data on contacts was now in two different fields, feature functions were not turned on and quite a bit of data was lost including years of site tracking.  Hubspot needs a feature that notifies all users if a major download exists so that the self assigned Super Admin cannot walk off with your CRM.  This is not a "nice to have" feature but critical.


The fact that this feature is not in place is a major failing on the part of Hubspot. Trying to track down changes that affected workflows or  caused issues weeks after the fact is nearly impossible without this user changelog. 


I agree with this thread. It is more than just a "nice to have" a log file of changes is critical for troubleshooting and for team education. If I can pinpoint where the issue is originating, malicious or not, I can work with the team so they understand the ramificaitons of changes they originally thought to be harmless!


It would be good if 'as a employer', you can check/log/track how much time an employee has worked on the platform. We pay a freelancer to update contact records in Hubspot... But when she sends us an invoice, we have no idea if the hours she says she worked for us, are actually also 'done'.


User change log by user is a must. 


Yes please! Without this, we can't figure out who made changes ...makes us admins look like we're not in control....