User Audit / Report or Export


It would be very helpful to be able to export a users lists along with what teams they are on, their roles and/or permissions. In order to do a user audit now I have to look at each user separately and create a spreadsheet by hand. Not the most effective method as we get larger and onboard more teams into HS. 

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HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for suggesting this idea! Are you looking for a list of the current state of users or historical info? 





@mgeorgieva I am looking for a current state report please. 


This is a fantastic idea.  As a part of SOC 2, I am required to audit my users.  It would be time consuming and full of points of failure to manually look at each users settings.  I would like a report that shows users, permissions, teams, and last login.  Current state, but would also be nice to see when users were removed from the system.  


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It would also be helpful to see an audit trail of who created users and updated permissions. 


With HubSpot also being SOC2/3, how do you manage your own access audits?  Showing "Is the account setup with least privilege access?"