Use workflow to trigger a sequence

I'd like to be able to use a hubspot workflow to enroll (and trigger) a contact into a sequence in the CRM.


I'd like to execute a sequence we've built in our HubSpot CRM when a contact property changes. eg; when contact property is set to 'X' trigger sequence 'Y'

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Use workflow to trigger a sequenceHubSpot Product Team

Hi Community!


Thanks everyone who has contributed to this thread with comments and upvotes. We've been internally investigating ways to turn this idea into a reality. There are a number of great use-cases for how this could increase your teams efficiency, as well as numeruos potentially unwanted scenarios that we plan to avoid. This has made implementing a seemlingly simple feature to be surprisingly complicated!


If anyone would like to help, it would be great to discuss some of your use-cases, reasons, and ideas for how you would use this feature. I'd also like to share some questions and a few scenarios to get further thoughts and reactions to how we might implement this.  I plan to start setting up some calls in the next several weeks.


If you're interested, please send me a direct message!


- Glen

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We organise events and register participants via Hubspot. We would like to send them a form with more detailed information after signing up. This is why we realy need this feature.

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Yes - this is crucial and the whole idea behind sequencing - for facebook leads for example, it's the perfect solution to follow up properly until the lead actually answers ! -


please Smiley Wink xmas gift ?

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After more research i realized everything in Sequences can also be done in Workflows, and with Workflows you can set triggers to auto-enroll and you can use Emails instead of Templates to provide better analytics and control over the email.  You can also add additional steps in the Workflows like subscribing users, changing lead status, and complex if/then statements.  So now I just dont use Sequences and use Workflows instead.  I still think Sequences should have auto-enroll though, but i do love Workflows so i recommend just using those instead now.

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Hi @hayesnelson

I have exactly the same need as you here. Doesn't seem hubspot added this features since then. 

Were you able to find a workaround? 



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Need this too. For automating implementation followups. Any update? It **bleep** to have to manually spoonfeed/enroll when everything else is easily automated.  Any workarounds?

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+1 would be really helpful on automating dealflow. Perhaps if the contact properties are complete (as they should be because it's in a deal), then it will enroll, if not, a task for someone to visit and manually enroll. Dealflow or sales and especially after-sales like onboarding are really important to not miss a beat, so automation here is really needed.

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Please build this. Enrolling in a sequence from a workflow and sending sales templates from workflows.

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This would be great for tickets to. 


For example: a ticket moves to a stage, it triggers a workflow that put contact associated with hat ticket into a sequence 

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Would be awesome to have this! A good example is tickets. 


I would like to automatically enroll associated contact tied to a ticket that moves to a certain stage so that a CSM can follow up with an automated email and if they don't respond, a call.