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Use workflow to trigger a sequence

I'd like to be able to use a hubspot workflow to enroll (and trigger) a contact into a sequence in the CRM.


I'd like to execute a sequence we've built in our HubSpot CRM when a contact property changes. eg; when contact property is set to 'X' trigger sequence 'Y'

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Use workflow to trigger a sequenceÉquipe de développement de HubSpot

Hi Community!


Thanks everyone who has contributed to this thread with comments and upvotes. We've been internally investigating ways to turn this idea into a reality. There are a number of great use-cases for how this could increase your teams efficiency, as well as numeruos potentially unwanted scenarios that we plan to avoid. This has made implementing a seemlingly simple feature to be surprisingly complicated!


If anyone would like to help, it would be great to discuss some of your use-cases, reasons, and ideas for how you would use this feature. I'd also like to share some questions and a few scenarios to get further thoughts and reactions to how we might implement this.  I plan to start setting up some calls in the next several weeks.


If you're interested, please send me a direct message!


- Glen

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Strange that this is not available. I've seen something like this setup with Marketo and Salesforce. 

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This would be great for form submissions sales follow-up. 


A sales inquiry form is submitted. This triggers a workflow that sends an automated follow-up email, creates a deal, and notifies a sales representative of a potential customer. The workflow then enrolls that potential customer in a sequence that will automatically carry out the initial sales-ready outreach until the potential customer engages with the messages. 

This capability will put efficiency through the roof for my sales team!

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We would also love this feature! We can't send emails from a workflow because it won't unenroll a contact when they respond to an email- whereas sequences will. 

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any update on this? we would appreciate this feature as well  

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Unfortunately despite all the requests still no answer from Hubspot

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Yes, please!

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Would it also be possible to also have this in reverse? Once a sequence has been completed the contacts are then enrolled into a workflow. 

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Would be great if workflows could be created for sales pro. For instance, create a workflow for new contacts created (synced from SF) and auto enroll those contacts into our persona sequences rather than have to do this manually. Automate that entire process.


Right now we wait for account/contacts to sync from Salesforce. Once they come into hubspot we open them up and manually enroll, it would allow us to move faster if this was automatic.
If daily limits are hit in one day in, it just auto picks back up following day. Rolling list kinda thing.
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Please do it!!