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Use workflow to trigger a sequence

I'd like to be able to use a hubspot workflow to enroll (and trigger) a contact into a sequence in the CRM.


I'd like to execute a sequence we've built in our HubSpot CRM when a contact property changes. eg; when contact property is set to 'X' trigger sequence 'Y'

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I hope not. If only available to enterprise customers that would be silly. This is a basic feature that should appeal to customers of every size.


My take on @glencornell's post is that only Enterprise customers will get this functionality in Workflows but both Pro and Enterprise customers will get the lighter version in Sequences. If you watch the video, you can see that the Sequences implementation will support changes to Properties and Deals as triggers, which is what I suspect most people here want. It's not clear if you can use multiple parameters or if you're limited to using only one.


Thanks @netsquire Maybe I'm wrong, but it appears you can trigger a workflow from a sequence, but will you be able to put someone in a sequence from workflow?



If this workflows >> sequences function is only available to Sales Enterprise for BETA, then I can understand that. However, since Workflows is on the Marketing side of the house, surely any customers at the Professional and Enterprise level for either Marketing or Sales (we are currently Marketing Enterprise + Sales Professional) would be valuable enough customers for the full functionality post-BETA. I would hope, anyway... 🙂


It's great to see updates about sequence-workflow integrations. I'd also like to have:

1. A set of workflow triggers for Templates that we use in sequences. Such as, IF contact opened/replied to template A email, then set property value to B. Right now we can do this for marketing emails only, I guess. If I'm wrong could you all please point out if we can do this already?

2. Another integration could be, if sequence open rate/reply rate is equal to or greater than X, then enroll all of its contacts in this workflow while automatically excluding bounced/error contacts.


Yes, this is a feature that is absolutely necessary.  Would open up a world of automation capabilities.

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Hi Community,


I'd like to share some updates on the current beta for Enterprise customers and the upcoming features for Professional customers! A the bottom I've included a view of the designs we are currently planning and working towards for the Professional tier automation in Sequences. 


Sales/Service Enterprise feature: Enroll in sequence and unenroll from sequence workflow actions:

  • We now have over 180 active beta participants using the feature!
  • We are making some slights tweaks to the working and the UI, including a link to a Knowledge Base aticle that explains details on types of trigger criteria to avoid
  • We are implementing internal monitoring to be made aware of concerning usage that as potential for abuse. This will include any types of Workflows that will trigger more than 100 contacts to be enrolled in a sequence from the same criteria. We will work to make this more clear in the product, but while this feature does provide full flexibility in Workflows, we strongly discourage the use of this feature to enroll lists on contacts, or to create trigger criteria that would result in high volumes of proactive outreach


Sales/ Service Professional feature: Embedded automation within Sequences settings

  • This functionality will allow for automation via Workflows directly within the settings of any Sequence
  • The triggers here are more limited, but we feel cover a vast majority of the use-cases that we are excited to support!
  • We have made good progress from our research and internal alignment, and have broken ground on initial development
  • We've finished development to include a new "Automation" tab to Sequences
  • There are still several kinks and use-cases we need to work out in the designs before we have full confidence in all the details for how this will ultimately function, but we are feeling gooing about the general direction! 
  • Here is a video showcasing for this functionality may look like. This video is only showing designs, these are not yet features in beta

Very interested in this idea, looking forward to testing it when it comes out (beta or otherwise)


Hi guys, I'm using this feature now, thank you.

Feature request: 


- When you go to create a new workflow

- When you add the "Enroll in a sequence" action

- It asks you for Sequence, Sender, and From email address.  Makes sense.


BUT, when you go to choose a Sender, it only gives you a list of named senders.  It does not allow you do choose "Owner" or "Contact Owner" or "Deal Owner."


This limits the usefulness of the feature.  As you know, sequences are automatically unenrolled when a person either A) replies to a message or B) schedules a meeting.

If all the sequences are sent from a specific named sender, then all of the (possible) meeting invites would reveal that same sender's calendar.   

We'd like to be able to choose "Contact Owner" or "Deal Owner."  And maybe if one does not exists we can specify a default owner.

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@glencornell Thanks for the update Glen.  Super excited about this feature - I've been pestering pretty much everyone I know at HubSpot for sequences / one-to-one email automation since you guys launched sales automation way back at INBOUND 2017.  😁


With regards to triggering a sequence via a form submission, will it be possible to make the firing of the sequence conditional on a specific variable in a specific property on the form?  As an example, if my form has a dropdown that lists three different products / services, and I want to send a different sequence to a contact depending on whether they're enquiring about product A, B or C, will that be possible?


Thanks again for the update, and really looking forward to seeing this functionality in the wild.

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Great idea!


This would be life saving, I can do it with apollo and would love to avoid using a zapier or 3rd party integration to do that.


Nice work @glencornell !  Once you've verified that there isn't abuse happening with auto-enroll, is that something on the roadmap to open up to Professional seats?  I'd love to be able to trigger enrollment in a workflow, based on a particular custom property value.  


How do we get access to beta?


Hello there!


I was wondering if there is an update on this topic, and on which plans it will be available?


Also, is there any possibility to enter the beta testing ?


Thanks in advance!



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@parkerwoodward @rodericks Beta access is dependent on your relationship with HubSpot, I think.  If you're a partner, try your CC. If you're a direct customer, speak to your customer success manager.


On availability, there's no official announcement on which plans / hubs will get this, but @glencornell has dropped some hints in a few of his posts back in the thread. Sounds like enterprise (presumably Service & Sales) upfront, with Pro getting a lighter version at an unspecified future date.


Fantastic idea. I have heard about the Beta testing for Enterprise customers and am looking forward to it when it is opened up for Professional customers as well.


@glencornell i requested to be a beta participant some time ago. Is this still a possibility? Also, any news on when this will be released to the masses? 


Really glad your team has taken the time to prioritize this powerful feature! 




HubSpot team, 


Thanks for this feature. This is a super powerful tool. I learned two things when using this funtion...


(1) When enrolling into a sequence from a workflow, I have to pick the sender name and email for the ssequence. I'd like an option to use the contact owner here so that in the case of round-robin assignment we don't need a separate workflow for each user. 

(2) When the sequence emails send, they do not pull in the sender's email signature. I've put in place a "stop-gap" by hard coding a signature in the specific temaplate, but this means a I need a separate set of templates and sequence for each sender. Additionally, if you change this so that the user's email signature is pulled in, it would be good to know so I can update my templates to avoid a "double signature."


Thanks for innovating in this space. This is a really nice function to have. 


Thank you, 


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Hi Community!


The ability to enroll a contact into a sequence or set criteria to unenroll contacts, is now live to all Service Enterprise and Sales Enterprise customers! You will see the 'Enroll in Sequence' action listed under actions in Workflows.


We are still working on several related projects that I recommend folks follow, especially if you are interested more ways to set up automation between Sequenes and Workflows.

  1. Trigger a sequence to enroll or unenroll automatically (Sales & Service Professional)
    1. Currently 'In development', this will provide the ability to automatically trigger a sequence, or set criteria for unenrollment on an indvidual sequence.
  2. Use sequences properties and activity as Contact filters in List and Workflows
    1. Allow more sophisticated filtering criteria in Lists and Workflows, based entirely on Sequences data and engagements