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Use workflow to trigger a sequence

I'd like to be able to use a hubspot workflow to enroll (and trigger) a contact into a sequence in the CRM.


I'd like to execute a sequence we've built in our HubSpot CRM when a contact property changes. eg; when contact property is set to 'X' trigger sequence 'Y'

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Can someone from Hubspot please reply with a comment? Seeing all these comments and not a peep from Hubspot is despicable.

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Hi team,


commenting for a customer here

This is huge! Glad that we are looking into implementing this (: Can't wait!

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So when this will be in effect?

I don't know, the folks from Hubspot don't reply anymore

Any updates on how this feature build-out is coming? Would be monumental for our team...


We desperately need this feature. We have swamped Account Executives that don't have the time to check which contacts need to be enrolled in sequences.


If this was implemented, we could automatically enroll contacts in sequences as they move through the stages of a pipeline. As it is now, lots of time is wasted looking up contacts and enrolling them.


@community @here, can we try to MAKE SOME NOISE, so the Hubspot guys are incentivized to answer?


It definetely sounds like a simple feature, useful for multiple purposes.


The last update from them was more than half a year ago, and we need a clear view on when this will be implemented.


Let's make some noise!


It'll be very useful for our company as well. In what stage are we now?




So many people are asking for this, however Hubspot seems to ignore it. Why do we have this community if they give no attention to the requests on this site?

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The fact that we have all been asking for an update for the past few weeks and haven't had a single murmur from Hubspot, I imagine this is now not in planning... can we please have an update? 


Every day I log in to HubSpot I am disappointed this capability is still not available.  We need a response from the HubSpot team as to when this will be available. It is slowing down productivity.

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Hey folks!

There's been some chatter on this thread so I wanted to hop in and provide an update. This feature is still "In Planning". Our Product team is currently developing a solution and testing it for potential side effects and unintended consequences. Once we're sure there will be no drawbacks we can move to the beta phase.


Any and all updates will be relayed on this thread, so stay tuned! I appreciate your patience and feedback as we work to deliver this solution. 




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Great! Thanks Joe. This will be a huge benefit to many as you can tell!!


I monitor the strangely obscure HubSpot Product Updates blog for news of this feature. The videos have improved. HubSpot no longer uses 5+ product managers to discuss the new features, which always seemed like a waste of their time. I mention this because it reminds me of HubSpot's current product matrix. It's getting unwieldy. It was a smart move to add customer service but doing so essentially added 4 new products that have to fight for features (Free, Starter, Pro, Enterprise). I can't argue with the stock price but it seems like Pro users are in a new feature desert these days, including automatic sequence enrollment in Sales Hub Pro. I'd like to see Starter and Pro merge into Small Business. I know it won't happen but it would create two very clear tracks for new features. The HubSpot CMS has only two versions — Pro and Enterprise.


This is a badly needed feature. It's a basic marketing need. We need an update from Hubspot - this is a company that prides itself on customer service and responsiveness - let's see some of that here! 


This seems so entirely logical to me that I just presumed it was something that could be done. Then I tried to implement it and the disappointment came crashing down.


This ability would make a massive difference to our sales process.


Soon....? Pleeeeeease.



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Hi folks! I'm happy to let you all know that we've made a number of developments and we're now moving this idea to 'In beta'. We will begin accepting Enterprise customers into the beta next week. The Professional featurs (described below) are still in development, and I will update here once those features are also in beta.


We are developing automated enrollment and unenrollment of Sequences in 2 different places: automation settings added within Sequences, and Sequences actions added to Workflows.


In beta for Sales Hub Enterprise and Service Hub Enterprise are 2 new actons in Workflows.  An 'Enroll in sequence' action and an `Unenroll from sequence` action.


  • `Enroll in Sequence` - enrolls a contact in a sequence of choice based on workflow criteria. The selected user/sender must have a paid Enterprise Sales or Service Hub seat. 
  • 'Unenroll from Sequence` - unenrolls a contact from any Sequence they are actively enrolled in. If the contact is not enrolled in a Sequence, nothing will happen, the step will be skipped. This feature will also be available at the Sales and Service Enterprise tier.

Here's what this looks like:




Still in development is an entirely new automation experience within Sequences that will allow for Workflow actions to be created within the settings of a Sequence. These settings will allow for automated enrollment of sequences, unenrollment of sequences, and soon more trigger actions and logic based on actions in Sequences. 

Here is a video showing some of the concepts that we are currently planning and developing. The images in these videos are concepts, and the final designs and functionality are subject to change!


Clip here:


Will this only be available for Enterprise users? The step from starter to
professional to enterprise are just too big for small companies
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How can I enroll a sales hub enterprise portal in the beta?




@glencornell - going forward, is this only going to be made available to Enterprise customers?