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Use workflow to trigger a sequence

I'd like to be able to use a hubspot workflow to enroll (and trigger) a contact into a sequence in the CRM.


I'd like to execute a sequence we've built in our HubSpot CRM when a contact property changes. eg; when contact property is set to 'X' trigger sequence 'Y'

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Is this live yet?


Agree it would be great to kick off a sequence from a condition within a workflow.


I'm thinking of birthday email tasks in a sequence after workflow identifies DOB property value.


Given the Inbound announcments, I'm not optimistic about this feature. It seems like HubSpot wants customers to use Marketing Hub for increasingly personalized messages based on triggers. That's fine except Marketing Hub doesn't (easily) support using your own email newsletter code (you could code a newsletter to look like a "normal" email message). When you know someone or someone initiates contact with you, there's nothing better than a "normal" email message. Newsletters are a mass medium by virtue of their design. They're important (especially ad space in a media company's newsletter) but different.


Glad to see I'm not the only one scratching my head as to why this feature doesn't exist. What is the downside? Email servers getting flagged? This seems like it would be as much of if not more of an issue with bulk enroll than it would with a workflow. The reps keep recommending a marketing email...if that was an acceptable substitute for a 1-1 email, why would Sequences even exist? It's not, so they do. Whatever, here's my use case. Let's make this happen:


When we get a new lead, response time is key. A new user visits our site from paid media, and fills out a form to request information about one of our homes for sale. We want to get them that information, but also start a conversation. So, it's best to have a rep reach out right away, provide the information, and ask some follow-up questions. This is clearly a job for a 1-1 sequence. A large percentage of these leads come through after hours, so we need the computer to start the conversation. 


We're currently automating this by Zap-ing our contacts over to Woodpecker, which is a solid product that anyone else experiencing this pain point should check out. 


The original response to the request asked for use cases.   Here is my use case. 

We sell a niche B2B SaaS product.   Contacts who provide corporate email addresses rather than free, personal (i.e. gmail, etc) addresses have a much higher close rate.   I currently have a sequence to which I enroll all non-corporate email addresses. It explains that we sell to companies and that our product is not free nor cheap.   It then asks for a corporate email address. 

I'd like to have a workflow that kicks off this sequence OR sends a "thank you" email to get the sales process started. 


Status aktualisiert zu: In Planning

Hi Community,


Thank you all for your patience as we reviewed and discussed the ability to "Use workflows to trigger a sequence". We're now planning to develop a solution to solve this need of automated enrollment. We will continue to monitor this board and provide an update once we are in development. 





Great news!!!! This forum does work!


Great to hear, thanks!


Hooray!! Thanks for truly considering this one 🙂


THANKS!!! So happy to hear you will be adding this feature.

Please include the ability to unsubscribe from a sequence via a workflow, too.


Is there an ETA on this, or is it just "we are looking into" open ended? 


It's great news that you're planning to build this!

As a Sales/Marketing Professional user, will this be available to us folks too; not just Enterprise level? 

(We're punished enough as it is 😅)


we also need to be able to automatically "unenroll" people from sequences if more information is learned about the person. For instance, if they call in, and they get disqualified as a lead, that should be a trigger for removal from the sequence. Going back through and manually removing them is tedious and requires constant monitoring to make sure we don't send a second/third attempt to someone we cannot provide a solution.


I'm really surprised you can't enroll a contact into a sequence via workflow.


I was fully expecting that this would be possible and was shocked not to find it as an action. The workflow and sequence functionality is one of the main reasons I purchased.

From a productivity point of view, it would make no sense to have salespeople process each lead that comes in via a form to put them in a sequence. Also with the knowledge that fast responses make sales, everyone obviously wants very quick responses which would be delayed by manual sequence processing. You want that incoming form submission to get an immediate email.


Please add this ASAP. This is a serious limitation. 


We need this as well. Posting to follow thread.


Following - this is exactly what i'm looking for too!


What is the estimated time frame for this to be launched?


I upvote, and it would be also great to have an option to automatically enroll a contact into a new sequence once he has completed the first sequence. So we have sequence 1, and then we want to run sequence 2. Once a contact goes through sequence 1 with no outcome, he should automatically be enrolled in sequence 2.

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We have a customer that requires this functionality as a matter of urgency. Happy to share the use-case and collaborate with you @glencornell 


Thank you @glencornell This is critical for my company. Looking forward to this eagerly.