Use workflow to trigger a sequence


I'd like to be able to use a hubspot workflow to enroll (and trigger) a contact into a sequence in the CRM.


I'd like to execute a sequence we've built in our HubSpot CRM when a contact property changes. eg; when contact property is set to 'X' trigger sequence 'Y'

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While we love being able to personalize sequence's, some of our sales campaigns are too large to justify personalizing each message that goes out.  Our sales reps live and breath the Sales Pro tools for automating & managing their communciation with prospects (sequences in particular) and do not work in the Marketing side of Hubspot, so for ease of use for our sales reps it would be great if we could automate sequence enrollment on some of our high volume campaigns.

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interested in this as well, odd this isnt a default feature. especially for forms, it would be so easy to do

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upvoted! hubspot product managers, can you please get on this? we have leads from a certain lead source that go into a standard yet unique sequence we've developed, but our SDRs have to manually enroll each lead into this sequence each and every time

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I agree. My company could really use this feature.

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I also am looking for this functionality? (automate sequence enrolment from website form submission)
It would take a huge weight off our sales guys/SDR team. 

Does anyone else have any 'shortcuts' to achieve the same thing? 

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Automating enrollment in sequences would be really helpful. In my opinion, having the ability to use workflows to enroll contacts in sequences would be the optimal solution. Even having the ability to use list memberships to bulk enroll contacts in sequences would be really nice and save a lot of time. 

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This functionality could make the difference at my sales team. The manual follow up and finding deals that fit some special criteria can become very time-consuming. These automatical enrollments will help the team to spend more time Selling and not writing or copy-pasting templates in bulk. 



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Agreed. A client asked me today if this was possible. I said, "I'd be shocked if it's not, but let me check to be sure." Guess what? I'm shocked. I'm regularly surprised though by some of the really obvious functionality HubSpot leaves out, so maybe I should be used to it by now. 

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One year later and I'm still waiting for this feature.


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This feature would be so useful.  When the workflow moves a lead to a specific sequence campaign, it would be great if this sequence auto popped up for the exec to personalize and enroll.  AND/OR, optionally, or if the exec skips/delays an auto-triggered sequence, a list of auto-triggered sequences should be available for review and enrollment.

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Every 5 minutes I find myself Googling some functionality for my brand new HubSpot account thinking, "No way this isn't a feature, I'm just new to this and can't find it..." LOL


So many basic functions missing from HubSpot. I'm already working on organizing my recently migrated data within HubSpot as I'm thinking I'm gonna be jumping ship sooner than later.


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Woud be great to have this, as someone commented before this seems like one of the many things you would assume Hubspot to have and then find out otherwise...



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Either having the possibility in a workflow to stop when the prospect reply 

Or to trigger a sequence... 

1 year and still no news for this fundamental feature....  

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We need this!

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We would also find this useful. In the interest of preventing spam, I can see it working as a feature in workflows, it's the perfect handoff between marketing and sales, when they reach certain trigger points, initiate a sequence to encourage the lead to contact/reply to the salesperson.

I'm also having trouble with this because I'd like to insert one of our sales guys meeting link into a marketing email but can't, so instead, I'm looking at creating a sequence, but it's pointless if I can't auto-enrol.

We need better cross marketing/sales functionality.


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It is very disappointing this isn't a feature right now.


Please make this happen.  Happy to provide insight to the product team if they have questions about anything from need to UX.



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I can't believe this isn't a thing yet. Please make it happen!

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Yes, please!

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Agreed!  It's also frustrating that a workflow can't send any email other than a mass template.


If someone submits a contact form, I should be able to trigger a confirmation email without an unsubscribe link at the bottom...

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Any word on when this will be implemented? This would save my sales team a lot of time and effort.